Business cards, as a tool to capture the attention of customers post coronavirus

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Adapting to changes is essential to keep a business alive. At the moment in which we are facing a global health crisis, it is necessary to turn our company around, so that the new normal that the coronavirus is going to leave us is compatible with the continuity of the services offered by our company.

We have to help ourselves with marketing to strengthen the relationship with our clients and get new ones, so that we ensure long-term success. Companies must adapt to changes to meet the needs of consumers in these moments, taking into account the new life in which we have to live with Covid-19.

The most important thing is to make these changes known to the clients we already had, as well as to new ones that may arrive. The marketing tool that gets all the accolades right now is the business card. A few years ago it seemed to be a communication strategy left in the dark, but from now on it will become a basic element in the communication of any company.

How should business cards be


A business card is, above all, a presentation of the company. Although our business has been operating for a few years, the new post-coronavirus situation will offer us a new beginning, with new rules, new regulations and changes that customers should know. Nothing better than doing it through a business card in which they will find all the new information they need to know.


If this new post Covid-19 stage is going to ask us for something, it will be differentiation. Right now, the competition is getting stronger and we cannot allow our business to be left behind. Perhaps we should bet on a new logo, a new vision of the company … and present it on business cards or “tarjetas de visita“, encouraging potential customers to know our services or products.

What to keep in mind

  • A message that draws attention and that reinforces our business objective, that customers remember.
  • An attractive and original design, in line with our activity. It must be a small card in which everything adds up, from the color, to the typography, the shape … It must convey our brand image.
  • Well chosen paper. There are many options that exist, but we must choose the one that best suits our business.
  • Original print. There are many techniques with which to create a different card, never seen before and that is easily remembered.

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