Bring Beach Vibes Inside Yourself

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We all spent a lot of time indoors last year. All the time I was indoors, it has immensely inspired me to renovate and revamp the interiors to give it a beach touch. And trust me, you need to do it too because we all know vitamin sea is crucial for us!

Do you know what B.E.A.C.H. means? It means ‘best escape anyone can have. Well, if you can’t step out of your home, why not bring the beach inside? It’s very simple. You don’t have to wait for summers all year long. Summer vibes will be delivered right at your doorstep all year long! How? Just subscribe to Beachly and get a fantastic Beachly Spring Box shipped to you with sunny vibes! You can read more about  Beachly spring box here.

This one for my creative beach gals, hype yourself up and make your home ready for the sunny summer. I have just what you need to spruce up your space, lighten your mood and add the beach vibes in the aroma. Let’s get started!

Coastal Inspired Decor

  • Add nautical stripe print

Blue and white nautical stripe print adds a fresh touch to your space. You can add a striped throw to your sofa or bed or add a large striped rug for your living room. A simple striped ottoman or a footstool is a great addition that ties your theme together.

  • Add pale shades of sand

Blue is the most significant colour when it comes to beach-inspired décor, but you can surely go for other shades and still curate a stylish space. To give a summery touch to your interiors, you can go for pale shades of sand like ivory, beige, cream and soft pink.

  • Add some rattan, wicker, or sisal texture

Materials like sisal, seagrass and rattan add texture and coastal vibes to space instantly. Usually, woven wicker chairs are inexpensive and very durable, and the pale natural colour adds a cool feature.

  • Add whitewashed accents

Adding whitewash stained furniture and accents to your room gives a pale and natural coastal vibe. A monochromatic white look with pale wood shades brightens the space.

Beachy Aromas

The beach has an aura of freshness and earthy vibes in it. To complete the look, your space must smell like a piece of seashore too. Aromas have the power to lift your mood and transport you straight to your favourite spot. Add candles or diffusers that remind you of sunny days at the beach or the refreshing cold drinks from the shack.

Decorating beach-style space on a budget

Good news for those who are keen on transforming their space into a seaside-inspired area, it can be achieved on a budget, and it’s easy.

  • Choose a colour

White is usually a prominent and go-to colour in a coastal-style home, but there are more options. You can opt for hues of blue or shades of sand to keep the space cool and natural-looking.

  • Choose D.I.Y. accessories

Accessories can elevate a room from plain and straightforward to fancier and lively, and they help you capture the theme through objects. Go for natural things like twigs and seashells to give an organic clue.

  • Choose slipcovers and soft furnishings

Slipcovers can be used to transform shabby furniture into a chic and timeless one, and it can be achieved without costing a fortune to you. Look for muslin or osnaburg fabric which is less expensive than linen or canvas.

  • Keep it open

A coastal-inspired space is usually kept simple with a minimalist style of designing. Choose pieces that reflect light and make it look spacious. Add mirrors or mirrored furniture, chrome or silver, glass and lightweight and cool linen, muslin, or cotton colours.


On the last note…

You don’t have to necessarily be adjacent to the ocean to have a coastal-theme designed home. All you have to do is select the right colours and textures, and Voila! You have the calmest and serene space ever.

If you are an ocean-holic who loves strolling on the beach and getting sand on your toes, you will surely love a living space that just reminds you of sunny beach days or breezy evenings by the shore! Only a small effort from your side and an even smaller amount of dough can help you create a space that turns every day into a summer vacation getaway!

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