Birthday Ideas: Top 30 Ideas to have more fun

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A birthday is a sign that you have become one more year older, lived another year of your life. This holiday showed when you were born and how you have changed since then. Early adolescence marks the beginning of a transition period and is an important stage for most children. Celebrate this event in style with a Unique Birthday Party!

1. Private party in a bar or restaurant

Surprise your guests with a sophisticated evening in a trendy bar or restaurant. Many establishments have dedicated areas dedicated to private events that can accommodate 10 to 200 people. There is also a personal bartender and waiter at your service. A cover band or DJ will perfectly complement the evening.

2. Party in the “Disco” bus or limousine

Crazy party in a real party bus or limousine. Do not stand still – the whole city is at your service. It’s a great idea to visit several places or memorable places with all your friends and not get bored on the road.

3. Master class of cooking sushi or pizza

A real belly feast made with your own hands. Masterclasses in the preparation of gourmet dishes can usually be conducted by professional chefs and are also interesting from a practical point of view.

4. Master class in dancing 

Unleash your potential as a dancer with your close friends and family. A master class on modern dance, ballroom dancing, or floor dance will give you a great mood and unforgettable emotions (and, possibly, photos). Invite professional dancers to practice new moves.

5. Bachelorette party in the spa salon

What could be better than a full day of beauty and spa treatments surrounded by your closest friends? Relax and refresh before your big event.

6. Tasting of wine, cheese, or coffee

Can’t imagine your life without wine and cheeses? Take your gastronomic obsession to the next level – arrange a tasting with your friends, and you will discuss for another year which combination was best and what to try next time.

7. Karting or ATVs

Adrenaline and breakneck speed. What better way to let off steam and finally (and not unimportantly in a safe environment) decide who is the fastest in your company?

8. Bachelor party in a strip club

One of the most popular bachelor party ideas so rarely comes true in real life. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of available establishments and ask the administrators if there are special packages for private parties available.

9. Paintball match

A fun and dynamic way to spend time together. Host a competition between the two teams, and after the paintball match, host a festive banquet with food and drinks.

10. Saucer Shooting

Shooting with real weapons at moving targets – feel like a real hunter.

11. Party on a yacht or boat

A boat, yacht, or barge cruise is one of the most romantic and original private party ideas. Complete your fishing experience and decorate your table with freshly caught fish. You can also invite a host to help you make the evening unforgettable!

12. Karaoke party

Organize your own X-Factor competition and choose the best singer or female singer among your friends. Or just enjoy the immortal hits performed by your loved ones.

13. “Treasure hunt” or quest

Treasure hunt or group quest is a truly original way to spend time together. Each quest’s scenario can be adjusted to suit your preferences, which makes this idea quite versatile.

14. Party – photo session

Have you ever dreamed of a photo session? Your holiday can be a great reason to have fun with friends and make an unforgettable photo session with friends. Photo sessions in the studio, thematic photo sessions, field photo sessions.

15. Private movie viewing at the cinema

Watch a movie with your friends? It doesn’t sound boring at all when it comes to a private viewing in a real cinema.

16. Hiking in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains can be more than just a party idea, but a real adventure—an idea for the most daring and strong in spirit.

17. Master class of brewing

The real magic in action. One of the most important professions of our time. Take a mister brewing class with friends and unleash your talent.

18. Master class in making cocktails

Learn how to prepare the most unusual cocktails with the help of experienced bartenders, and you will easily attract attention at any party. It’s a great idea to pull even the most passive and domestic of your friends.

19. Pool party

A pool party is one of the best private party ideas possible. It offers water sports, an effective escape from the heat, a dance floor, and a barbecue area.

20. British Crown Party

Royal sophistication, sophisticated style, and demeanor. Throw a dinner party or a real Gatsby party.

21. Hollywood Style Party

A party dedicated to the Hollywood film industry’s hits, the Hollywood lifestyle, brilliance, and scope. The party can be dedicated to Hollywood in general or to a specific movie.

22. Retro Party: 30s, 40s, 50s, 90s

One of the most popular party ideas is to dedicate it to a specific era. The sophistication of the 30s, the relaxedness of the 60s, the disco of the 80s, or the real rave of the 90s – each era carries a number of great ideas and solutions.

23. Mexican party

Mexicans know a lot about entertainment, and Mexican parties are considered one of the most fun. Besides, organizing such a party is not difficult at all.

24. Guitar Hero Party

We are sure that everyone has a hidden musical talent. Reveal it in yourself and your friends with the help of the popular computer game Guitar Hero. Order a complete set and have fun until you drop.

25. Mustache Party

Mustache parties are the most fun – that’s a fact. Where else would so many people with an amazing sense of style gather?

26. Wild West Party

Cowboy, sheriff, and real saloon. One of the most popular theme parties has a special playlist, burgers, and drinks.

27. Casino-style party

Have a poker or blackjack night. It is not necessary to play for money – you can play for wishes or choose the evening’s main prize.

28. Zombie Party

Too early for Halloween? Throw a zombie or horror party, do a little rehearsal of real Halloween.

29. Pirate Party

Unrestrained fun was in the blood of the pirates. You need a dress code, rum and cola, fruits and themed music, and films for a quality organization.

30. Superhero Party

Who is cooler – Batman or Superman?

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