Better manage a crisis on social media: here’s how

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Managing social networks does not just mean publishing a few posts and sharing sensational images… there is an aspect that is often underestimated but of fundamental importance for the image of the brand: the management of a crisis.

All brands on Instagram, on Twitter, and other such platforms must be prepared to effectively handle a crisis on social media. Of the customers disappointed, grieved former employees, unfair competitors: those involved in social media marketing must understand that the problems can come from any direction. They make themselves self-ready to Buy Instagram Followers Australia for their profile in the competition.

In most cases, everything is resolved in a few minutes: a contemptuous comment, a malicious review, an unexpected reaction, all of this, in general, can be handled quickly, without major problems. Sometimes, however, a small misstep is made, a mistake that soon turns into a crisis on social media, to be stopped as soon as possible.

The social media marketers and PR work every day to increase the visibility of a ‘ company, a product or a service. None of them, however, would like to garner the attention of millions and millions of users for a mistake, a wrong word, or an unfortunate metaphor. In some cases the malice is in the eye of the beholder, while at other times the error is obvious: think of the crisis on social media that hit Barilla several years ago, or the problems that Adidas he confronted on Twitter after the 2017 Boston Marathon (when the brand sent a newsletter with the subject ‘Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon’, a decidedly unfortunate phrase considering the attack that upset the marathon itself and the whole world in 2013).

A social media crisis is a problem. On the other hand, poor management of a crisis on these platforms is a real disaster. For this reason, it is necessary to move in the correct way: here’s how.

Don’t get caught unprepared

You can’t think about how to manage a social media crisis when it is already underway. When it comes to bad news, information travels very fast, and it is, therefore, essential to act promptly in the best way. For this reason, it is necessary to plan a strategy in advance, establishing who will do what in the event of a crisis and deciding a series of precise guidelines to be followed scrupulously.

Build your Netiquette

Speaking of guidelines, Netiquette is a document that allows users of your page to know what they can do and not do, what behaviors will be punished and in what way (for example by reporting to the Facebook team or with the deletion of the comment).

With this document, you will be able to define the guidelines and rules of conduct that your fans will be able to follow. If you don’t have a Netiquette yet, we suggest you create one right away. 🙂

Don’t bury your head in the sand

In the past, many companies, faced with a crisis on social media, have seen fit to ignore it, maintaining absolute silence, so that the problem will deflate by itself. The tactic of ignoring it, however, has rarely worked, and indeed, in most cases the silence has only made the situation worse, exacerbating the discontent of users.

Coldness and calm

Too many makeshift social media managers have caused huge problems not only with risky posts but also with blatantly wrong reactions to negative user comments. There is nothing worse than a company that, in the midst of a crisis on social media, shows that it is losing its temper and being carried away by the anger of the public. For crisis management – including those on Facebook – calm is essential.

Do not block users’ mouths

The temptation, during a social media crisis, would be to eliminate negative comments, to silence angry users and detractors. There are cases in which this is a solution to be taken into consideration, but these are extreme cases (which you can report in your Netiquette in order to have a document that justifies your decision), but in general, this is a gesture that makes anger the public even more – NestlĂ© knows something about it that, by deleting the comments of users who pointed the finger at KitKat’s environmental unsustainability, it has thrown fuel on the fire, turning a circumscribed dissent into a social media crisis of considerable size. Much better to let users express themselves freely, responding in a polite, reasonable and understanding way to every comment, thus giving importance to every single opinion. And without ever, ever giving in to provocations.


In most cases, social media crises become crises because some users feel cheated by a company. The best of weapons, in these cases, is certainly honesty: the public wants to know what the truth is, does not want to be made fun of, and therefore demands transparency.

Don’t limit yourself to one platform

To silence a crisis on social media it is necessary to communicate the truth of the company, reaffirming its values ​​and benefits for users. And if the crisis started on Facebook, it is not enough to communicate on this platform, no: it is necessary to exploit all the means of communication available to the company, and therefore Twitter, LinkedIn, the blog or the company magazine, your website, the newsletter or press releases ad hoc releases.

Moreover, is providing the best platform to boost your performance in online marketing.

To apologize

In many, many cases, it all starts with a company mistake, which can be small or large, an oversight, or something more. When a social media crisis doesn’t come out of anywhere, admitting guilt is a must, as is a sincere message of apology to your audience.

After the crisis

When everything is back in order, an internal meeting is a must understand what led to the crisis, and above all to understand if this could happen again. In addition to this, moreover, it is essential to evaluate the activities carried out in an emergency regime, to understand if everything has been done according to plan.

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