Best Yoga Poses to Treat Thyroid in a Natural Way

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Yoga is not about getting mental peace only. It brings a wide range of benefits to your overall health. Right from increasing flexibility, balancing your energy, and relieving stress, it too helps in treating Thyroid. Yes, you read it right! Yoga is said to treat the Thyroid in a natural way. Here is the list of the best yoga poses to get rid of the problem of Thyroid. Take a look.

Best Yoga Poses for Thyroid

Reports suggest that the Thyroid problem is rising at a fast pace over the last decade. To make you understand, Thyroid is an endocrine disorder that becomes apparent with the excess of thyroid hormone that is unfavorably affecting your body’s metabolism. Some of the symptoms of having a Thyroid imbalance can be fatigue, instant weight loss or gain, swelling in the neck area, and change in heart rate.

Fortunately, yoga is known to help to treat Thyroid by reducing stress. Let’s give a nudge on the best yoga poses for the Thyroid to improve its function.


Sarvangasana is the first yoga pose that is recommended to incorporate into your daily routine for treating Thyroid. The yoga pose helps indirectly flowing blood to the throat. It is one of the best yoga asanas for curing the problem. Apart from that, it is also a must-do pose for treating hypothyroid disorders. Also known as Shoulderstand, this yoga pose is considered to have a positive effect on the Thyroid ratio.


Also named as Fish Pose, it helps in arching your back so as to support the increased circulation of blood to the thyroid glands. Matsyasana is also good at regulating hypothyroid by stretching the neck and throat. Along with treating the thyroid, this yoga pose also helps in improving the health of your spine

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Viprita Karani

Viprita Karani or Legs up the wall pose is another useful pose for Thyroid treatment. Known as the most nourishing and calming yoga pose, it does not require a practitioner to have a lot of flexibility or strength. Besides treating Thyroid, Legs up the wall pose also relaxes you from stress and heals swollen ankles and feet.


Naukasana has been named after the posture it takes after getting into it – that of a Nauka or boat. Boat pose is useful for people with Thyroid disorder. Although the boat pose can be practiced by anyone, however people with the problem of migraine and asthma are advised to avoid doing this yoga pose.


Treat Thyroid by bending back into Utrasana, also known as Camel Pose. It not only increases blood circulation to the thyroid gland but also stimulates it. Helping you gain confidence and empowerment, this yoga pose is also great to improve bad posture which is due to prolonged sitting and working on the computer.


This is another type of yoga pose for Thyroid that improved the blood flow to the throat glands. It activates the Thyroid gland, tones abdominal glands, relaxes the nervous system, and strengthens the back muscles. So, adding it to your yoga routine can end up in many benefits. Named as plow pose, this is avoided to practice if you are having issues like diarrhea, high blood pressure, and glaucoma.

That is all about the best yoga poses for the Thyroid. Yoga is the best natural way to not only prevent but also cure Thyroid disorders. So, if you are having a problem with your Thyroid, then consider doing yoga poses for Thyroid to get rid of muscle pain and fatigue caused due to it.

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