Best Web Hosting Service Providers In India

best web hosting service providers in India.
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Best Web Hosting Service Providers In India.

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Do you want to host a website in India? You’re not alone.

The massive demand for web hosting in India has driven many companies to fill the void. The world’s leading hosting providers are investing in hosting services for the Indian market. The accommodation industry is booming. While this choice gives you a certain level of freedom, it can also be completely confusing. With so many options to choose from, how do you know that you’ve made the right choice?

It also doesn’t help that some companies use questionable tactics in their marketing. Many of them advertise themselves as the best supplier to India but do little to adapt their offering to the Indian market. A few say they have the fastest load times, but even their closest data center is still on a different continent.

What are you doing then? Did you just give up?

Of course not. In fact, many hosting companies are working hard to provide great service in India.

To save you from sifting through countless hosting offers, I tested several providers. Check out the reviews below to find out which companies are offering the best web hosting in India.

1. Hostinger India Review

Hostinger, with 29 million users, is one of the largest and fastest independent hosts.

Now let’s see how its services work in India.

Hostinger Performance

Hostinger’s uptime averages 99.9% which is the industry standard. However, he has fallen below this number at least once.

This can be a problem, but you have an uptime guarantee. If you get excessive downtime, you get multiple days to a week of free hosting. Hostinger is renowned for its blazing speeds. With 0.25 seconds to react in India, Hostinger scores an impressive score.

Note that the closest Hostinger data center is in Singapore. This is the only reason that Hostinger does not outperform every web hosting company in

India. Nevertheless, its servers respond much faster than most competitors with local servers.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger offers a complete package. He understands: SSD storage

Weekly backups

Nginx caching

A website builder

Git support

…and more.

Only the most expensive shared plan comes with daily backups, Hostinger usually offers a free domain name or SSL certificate. Unfortunately, this promotion is sometimes only offered in India.

That said, you can get both as a freebie. The support team appears to be authorized to give additional signup bonuses to Indian customers.

Overall, the offer is decent. The only feature that Hostinger lacks is website migration. If you already have a website, you can consider one of the other providers here.

If you are a first-time website owner then I will suggest Hostinger is the best place to start web hosting in India.

Hostinger Support

Unfortunately, Hostinger support is only available via chat or email. You have to rely on these.

On the other hand, the quality of the support is excellent, the agents are efficient and are knowledgeable professionals in all areas related to hosting. They work exceptionally hard to help beginners master everything. With an excellent knowledge base, Hostinger is also the go-to host in India for new website owners.

When I inquired about hosting packages in India, the support gave me some extra freebies like domain name and SSL certificate, a nice surprise. Try it out and contact it yourself. You could also receive a sign-up bonus.

Hostinger Price

Hostinger recently changed its payment structure. While the prices for the United States have increased, the hosting services in India have actually gotten cheaper.

Pricing now starts at ₹ 49.00 / month for the Starter Plan and the Premium plan starts at ₹ 129 / month and the Pro plan starts at ₹ 208 / month.

The problem is, you have to commit for four years to get these prices. Still, it’s the best introductory deal you can find.

Renewal is steeper – fees are £ 470 / month, £ 719 / month, and £ 956 / month. Renewal costs are average, but you can find lower rates if you want an affordable, long-term deal.

A total of ₹ 2,352.00 for four years of hosting is incredibly economical, however. This compensates for the faster renewal.

Hostinger offers some of the best web hostings in India. If you like looking for a good deal, take advantage of its discounts.

2. GoDaddy

In the hosting world, GoDaddy is a giant. It is one of the most influential companies, rivaled only by the GIE, it is well known for its aggressive expansion and ridiculous discounts.

Most importantly, India is considering future growth, let’s see what it has to offer.

Godaddy Performance

GoDaddy takes its infrastructure seriously. Uptime rarely drops below 99.99%, which is great. Your website remains virtually available at all times.

Like Hostinger, GoDaddy has a server in Singapore. Unfortunately, the distance results in questionable performance for users in India.

GoDaddy’s speeds are similar to Hostinger’s. It is arguably fast, but not as fast as a few other web hosting companies in India.

Godaddy Features

All plans come with cPanel, security monitoring, a website builder, and over 125 one-click installations.

Features such as SiteLock security, domain name, SSL certificates, backups, and malware scanning are only available with certain plans.

If you want any of the features of an expensive plan, you can get them anyway, but at a price. In fact, GoDaddy will try to sell you multiple times, which can be inconvenient.

The supply is enough to run a decently sized website without problems. Still, GoDaddy lacks some features to compete with other web hosting providers in India.

Godaddy Support

GoDaddy support is available via live chat and phone.

Support is knowledgeable enough to resolve queries easier. However, he struggles to solve complex problems.

The lack of email support is evident. Agents cannot escalate cases, so they must refer you from agent to agent.

On the bright side, GoDaddy has a toll-free number in India. You can use the hotline for more complicated issues.

Support is more knowledgeable than many companies, but it still has a way to go before it becomes the best.

Godaddy pricing

GoDaddy Adds Starter Plan for Users in India. The plan lets you build a website with 30 GB of storage. It costs £ 99 / month for the first term and £ 199 / month for the renewal. In the long run, it is the cheapest web hosting plan in India.

GoDaddy also has a special deal for business owners who want to connect to the Internet. This is called an Online Starter Lot.

For $ 49 / month, you get a .in domain name, an inbox with 10GB of storage space, and a one-page website with a year of hosting. It’s perfect for adding a website to an already existing business.

Keep in mind that this hosting is for a business card website. If you want to host something more complicated, you need a shared plan.

While GoDaddy has its flaws, the comprehensive plans with affordable prices make the case for its ability to provide better domain hosting for India.

3. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most popular hosting providers. Its acquisition by EIG was chaotic, but it is now back in power and looking to expand.

It has partnered with ResellerClub to create a separate hosting platform for India. BlueHost India, as it’s called, has some exciting plans, let’s see what’s in it.

Bluehost performance

BlueHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Actual uptime averages around 99.95%. That means around 20 minutes of downtime per month, which is okay.

BlueHost uses ResellerClub’s servers in Mumbai. This way he can deliver content much faster.

The servers take 105 ms to respond, which is excellent.

BlueHost’s speed optimization is also relevant. You can expect super-fast load times.

Bluehost Features

The characteristics of BlueHost are similar in India and around the world. You get redundant SSD storage, SSL certificates, one-click installers, and more. CodeGuard malware scan and SiteLock security are available for purchase upon verification. These features go a long way in protecting your website.

A small difference is that users outside of India get a custom cPanel, while users in India get a standard one. The control panel looks a bit rough, but it has all the essential features.

If you get BlueHost WordPress Hosting in India, you also get a host of cool features like data mirroring, Nginx caching, and a content delivery network. BlueHost also offers Windows hosting. Features are more or less the same as Linux-based hosting. It’s a decent solution if you want to run Windows apps. BlueHost has a solid offering, especially if you’re interested in WordPress.

Bluehost Support

Support is available through live chat, email, and phone. A local support team can be reached via a local phone line, which always makes things easier. Support agents are real experts, especially in WordPress hosting. The average time required to resolve a query is between 5 and 20 minutes. You are therefore in good hands.

The support puts BlueHost Shared Hosting in India in the same league as SiteGround. And that’s no small feat.

Bluehost Price

BlueHost offers three shared plans:

standard —Starting at ₹ 259 / month, allows you to build a website Business — Starting at ₹ 309 / month, allows you to build three websites Pro – Starts at ₹ 419 / month, allows you to build unlimited websites

The price depends on the length of your subscription. You need to pay in advance for three years to get the best rates.

The Windows-based and WordPress-optimized plans are only slightly more expensive than standard Linux hosting.

All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts. The prices are reasonable, although higher than those of a few other suppliers. The offer is fantastic, especially if you are looking for cheap WordPress hosting in India. Considering the specs, it’s definitely worth it.

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