Best places to visit in India for the first time

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Best places to visit in India for the first time

If you are here in India for the first time you should  visit  around old Delhi and New Delhi,which are considered to be the best places to visit in India .

Top places to visit in India (Delhi)

1.Jama masjid – # Historical places to visit in India.

  •  Starting at jama masjid mosque which is like the biggest mosque in all of India .You can  explore around  and  this place is epic looking and there you will find  birds flying all over like pigeons like swarms of them . That’s really cool .

  • You can also walk around this place and just kind of take it all in because that’s            absolutely gorgeous.

  • This mosque was built in 1655 and it’s one of the biggest mosques in all of India.

  • Foreigners pay 600 rupee to get in and it’s supposed to be open to the public.

  • You are allowed to be there from 8 a.m. until 30 minutes before closing 

  • This area is really busy especially in the mornings and nights.

  • India is always  quite the experience. I think out of all the tourist  places, India is one that’s just like WOW. 

  • If you are not used to the traffic and the craziness , there  are  just so many people packed into one area. But yeah it will be a fun ride.

At the mosque it was 300 rupees per person if you want to take photos or video. 

So if you have a camera on , you have to pay to go into the mosque.

This next location that we’re going to it’s 500 rupee per person just to get in

I believe that’s just for foreigners.

Many people might have told you like,India is very unsafe and needs to be careful wherever you go. 

So like you kind of feel on edge. 

Everywhere you go especially in busier areas where there’s a lot of people who kind of feel like a little sketched out. 

I don’t think it’s as common as people make it out to be.

Definitely not. I guess it depends on where you are.

   Now let’s look into the next tourist attractions India

2. Humayun’s Tomb – # must see places to visit  in India

  • It’s supposed to be a beautiful area.This is like one of the top 10 places to visit in india , when you’re here in National capital (Delhi) and in a UNESCO World Heritage Site though it’s bound to be beautiful. 

  • The other thing ,if you come here and you are a photographer or videographer you are not allowed to come in with a tripod .

  • so if you have a tripod either tuck it away in your bag or they’re gonna see it and they’re gonna confiscate it at the front desk .

  • yeah so hopefully on the way out your tripod will still be there the first thing.

  •  You will notice that it’s very clean. They maintained the property very well.

  • So the one thing that was really weird that you will  notice in the morning when you are at the mosque you can’t look directly at the Sun because there’s so much pollution in the sky.

  •  So the Sun is out, it’s bright in like the middle of the day, there’s all like oh yeah and  you can look at it like you’d be looking at like an eclipse or something. you might have  never experienced anything like that in your  life. 

  • It’s very sad that there’s that much pollution but I guess it’s not  only in Delhi but also  in the major cities of India.

  • So this monument is so old it dates back to the 1500s and the fact that it’s preserved and looks this beautiful still today is really impressive. 

  • It was built as a tribute to an emperor who died in the 1500s and his wife in 1569 commissioned Persian architects to build this fantastic structure.

  • It’s actually the only structure of its size to be built in all red sandstone

  • know anything about like the extra tombs who’s obviously that’s the one of the king the emperor that we told you about but these other ones we’re not sure about so leave a comment down below and like give us some story in like some facts about this place. This is an absolutely amazing place. 

These are  like amazing Indian sightseeing places  in Delhi, absolutely beautiful, the architecture is just unbelievable and you will really enjoy it.

If you are looking for places to visit in India for the first time , Delhi is the one you must come to see along with that you can also consider india tourist sites like  Agra, Jaipur , kashmir and kerala .

These are beautiful top places in India that every traveller dreams of Never miss these india sightseeing places.

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