Best places to visit During Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand

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Chardham is one of the holy places in India, which includes Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. These are India’s four most religious destinations. Doing the Chardham Yatra is believed to remove from the cycle of birth and rebirth as well as remove all the sins that you did. Chardham yatra is known to give you a peaceful moment in the charming, snow-capped Himalayas for its deep spirituality and attractive beauty. There are some other Chardham yatra sites to explore apart from these temples.

Chardham yatra is a peaceful journey among the snow-covered mountains, but the journey requires a great deal of strength physically and mentally. It is therefore better to travel by helicopter to ChardhamYatra.

Top Places to visit in the Chardham Yatra

1. Surya Kund:-

Surya Kund is one of the most important attractions near the main temple. Every visitor here stops to pay attention to the sun that is Yamuna’s father. Surya kund is a thermal hot spring with a temperature of 88°C and a medicinal property that relieves travelers after hectic journeys and cures the problem of skin conditions and joints after dipping into this water.

2. Saptrishi Kund:-

The city is located 10 kilometres from the Temple of Yamunotri. The Brahma kamal is a rare Himalayan spot surrounded by it. This saptarishi is named after the seven great rishis who practiced yoga and penance. Here you can see the fascinating view. A must-see Chardham yatra site is Saptarishi Kund.

3. Divya Shilla:

Divya Shilla is a strong pillar of rock, located near Surya kund. People pay homage to this pillar first before entering the temple of Yamunotri. The importance of this place is mythological.

4. Harsil:

Harsil is one of the Himalayan’s main preserved spot situated just 25 minutes-walk from the temple of Gangotri. The lush green trees and the snowbound peaks surround it. The choice is also available as harsil and after the main gate of Gangotri is closed, the idol of goddesses Ganga comes into the temple. This is one of Chardham yatra’s famous tourist sites.

5. Jalmagna Shiving:-

It is thought to be the exact location where Lord Shiva held Ganga River before it flowed. During the summer, when the sea level is rising too high, this shivling or idolised lord shiva goes to half the clear water. If you want a lifetime experience, visit this hustle and bustle here definitely.

6. Gangotri National Park –

Gangotri National Park, located in Uttarkashi, is one of India’s most populous high altitude wildlife sanctuaries. It is Uttrakhand’s third biggest wildlife sanctuary. The habitat is composed of alpine forests, glaciers and coniferous forests. It is the home of the wide range of flora and fauna. The Gaumuke Glaciers, which are the source of the Ganga River, are one of the main attractions in this national park. During your journey, Gangotri National Park is one of the Yatra places of Chardham to visit.

7. Uttarkashi and Guptkashi:-

In the Mandakini Himalayan valley, which was renowned for the Vishwanath Temple, Guptkashi is located in the northern Himalayan belt.

Uttarkasha is the home of the National Institute of Mountaineering and has many temples and ashrams. You can visit Kashi Vishwanath’s temple here, which is popular among the devotees. It is also known as the “Kashi of the north.” Stay here for a day and visit Uttarkashi’s attractions.

8. Gandhi Sarovar

When the ashes of him immersed here, Gandhi Sarovar is named after a mahatma Gandhi. It is 4 km from the temple of Kedarnath and 3,900 metres above sea level. This small lake has crystalline clear water. Gandhi Sarovar’s walk through the grassy areas is beautiful and comfortable. You can see the beautiful waterfall of Madhu Ganga on the way. Here you can see the lovely snow covered panorama of the Himalayas. A marvellous Chardhamyatra site, is the Gandhi Sarovar.

Thus, we have seen some spots which you should visit during your chardham yatra. There are many other spots that you can visit during your Uttarakhand tour.

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