Best Microwave Oven Under 15000

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Best Microwave Oven Under 15000 In India

Cooking, a chore that each one women wish to be exempted from, as it’s a tedious and therefore the most time-consuming task. Cooking on a gas range is a particularly slow process because the heat produced doesn’t get utilized efficiently. It rather escapes into the atmosphere, making the whole kitchen hot and humid. . Standing ahead of the stove for long hours to organize good food for the family, that too 3 times each day , leaves women exhausted.


The best solution for this problem would be bringing home an honest microwave, and relieve the ladies of the house of this unnecessary burden. Dear Men, show some concern towards th sustenance providing angels by appreciating their efforts and gifting them one among the top-rated, branded microwaves available under Rs 15000/- in India.


A good microwave not only assists in cooking tasty food in time but also saves power and uses energy during a very efficient manner. Hence, it eases out the burden laid upon women’s shoulders. All they’ve need to do, would be to place the ingredients during a microwave-safe bowl, place it within the microwave, hit a couple of buttons and await the beep to urge an ideal dish. within the meantime, they might relax, enjoy TV or perform other chores without fear about the food getting burnt as they might on a standard stove.



How to buy the simplest Microwave in India under 15000?

Wattage or power output is that the key factor to stay in mind while selecting a microwave. the upper the wattage, the faster and even cooking it offers. Usually, the microwaves with a wattage of 900W or more are best for home use, while those with higher wattages above 1500W should be preferred for office use.

Do check the capacity of the microwave because huge capacity microwaves of 30L to 34L are often easily bought at a price of 15000. Purchasing the one with alittle capacity of around 28L also can be considered if it’s an honest brand value and high-end features.

Now that one is trying to find a touch expensive microwave within the range of 15000; they ought to choose the one with fancy features as in tandoor and barbecue for creating exotic dishes reception . A microwave that features a rotisserie makes cooking those dishes possible. the essential cooking features are anyway available in cheaper microwaves too.

Pick a microwave that’s stylish in terms of looks, whether it’s pretty prints or sleek finish to match with the décor of the kitchen.

One should look out for safety features like child lock and auto shutdown on overheating to stop unwanted accidents.

After reading the ideas on the way to select the simplest microwave under 15000, you want to have resolved upon a sale . So, here at topbestof, we’ve administered an in depth research in various realms like capacity, unique features, safety features, warranty, brand trust and customer satisfaction to reassure you that you simply would find the simplest product here to settle on from. to assist you extra , we’ve prescribed an inventory of few best microwaves in India within the range of 12000 to 15000. Have a glance at it and pick your piece.


For those that have a lower budget, we even have posted an inventory of the simplest microwaves in India under 10000 and top microwaves under 5000. Having a glance at them may additionally be helpful.


5 Best Microwave Ovens under 15000 in India

1.LG 28L Convection microwave


2.Godrej 34L Convection & Grill microwave


3.FB 30L Convection microwave


4.Morphy Richards 30L Convection microwave


5.Samsung 28L Convection microwave


How am i able to choose the simplest microwave with a grill?

The best microwave ovens with grill function are people who have a rotisserie or grill rack to make brown grilling marks on the food to supply a standard grilling effect.


Which microwave is best for cooking chicken tandoori?

Convection grill microwaves with higher temperatures, Combination Cooking Mode feature and rotisserie make best tandoori chicken, grilled chicken and barbecue.


Which is that the best cookware set for microwave ovens?

Borosilicate cookware and microwave-safe plastic ware sets are considered to be the simplest and are most generally utilized in kitchens. However, any sort of cookware like pyrex tempered glass cookware, ceramics, silicon ware or disposable Styrofoam or paperware are often utilized in microwaves too.

But, steel utensils should be avoided inside a microwave as they reflect the waves and interrupt the cooking process.



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