Benefits of Avocado Oil for Dry Scalp and Conditioning Hair Mask

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Avocado Oil 

As the avocado continues to gain more popularity as a healthy and nutritious food, it is now making an appearance in the ingredients of many popular natural products. There are now numerous products containing avocado oil available. Even grocery stores, like Wal-Mart, are starting to carry natural hair care products with avocado oil in them. There are several benefits to using this natural oil in your hair care regime. Let’s explore these benefits and learn how to get the most benefit from avocados!


Benefits of Avocado Oil

One of the first benefits of avocado oil is that it is extremely emollient and can provide quick results. This means that it can soften very dry scalp. The reason why it is so gentle is because it contains low levels of fatty acid content. The highest fatty acid content can usually be found in olive oil and can be quite harsh on the hair.


Fatty Acids

Avocado oil also contains essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help to moisturize your scalp while it heals. If you use just avocado oil in your hair, it can reduce dryness and itching. It also helps to lock in moisture. If you suffer from scalp acne, then you should try using pure avocado oil to help treat your condition.


Essential Oils

Avocado oil also contains the benefits of essential oils. Many commercial lotions and creams contain essential oils, but Avocado Oil has the highest amounts of essential fatty acids. Avocado oil has been found to be very effective for treating dandruff. You can easily purchase pure Avocado OIL from any health and nutrition store.


Maximum Benefit

In order to receive the maximum benefit from a pure avocado oil, you will want to combine it with a high quality hot oil treatment. When you apply avocado oil directly to your scalp, you are opening the pores of your hair. This allows nutrients in the skin to get to your follicles. With an increase of nutrients in your hair, your scalp will become stronger and healthier.


Mineral Oil

A natural vitamin and mineral oil, avocado oil are used in many commercial and homemade hair care products. Because of this, it contains high levels of nutrients that contribute to healthy, youthful looking hair. In order to give yourself the maximum benefit from this powerful oil, you will want to combine it with a high quality heat protectant. Heat protectant protects the hair from the heat of the hot oil. This will allow you to keep your hair growth longer.


Hair Mask 

Using a natural hair mask is the best way to use avocado oil. Simply combine one tablespoon of avocado oil with two tablespoons of olive oil and use as a hair mask. Gently rub the mixture into wet hair. Leave the mixture on for at least one hour. If you want to lightly treat your hair before you shampoo, you can use a natural deep pore cleansing mask.

You can also condition your hair after you have applied a good quality hair mask. A good conditioner for this purpose will contain wheat germ, yogurt and avocado oil. This combination will provide additional shine and softness.


Benefits of Coconut Oil 

The benefits of coconut oil are numerous. First, it has a high level of lauric acid which helps the body retain moisture. Second, it contains medium-chain triglycerides that are easily absorbed by the scalp and promote hydration. Finally, coconut oil contains copious amounts of vitamins A, D and E which nourish the scalp and stimulate the production of natural oils.


Premature Graying

It is a good idea to completely strip your hair of all its previous conditioners and moisturizers. This is because old conditioners clog the pores and cause premature graying or dryness. To remove any leftover conditioners, you can try using coconut oil. To give yourself a head start on eliminating dryness and humidity, you should start using coconut oil before you shampoo. You can also use coconut oil after you shampoo, to seal in the moisture and prevent further dryness.


Hair Growth

On top of providing moisture, avocado oil for the scalp also has other beneficial effects such as improving the health of your hair growth. Many commercial shampoos contain harmful chemicals that rob your hair of much needed nutrients. These harmful chemicals often destroy helpful oils like Rosemary oil, thereby causing dryness and thinning. In order to restore the proper balance of nutrients to your hair, you should try using Avocado OIL topically.


Skin Conditioning

As if the benefits of Avocado Oils weren’t enough, they can be used as a great skin conditioning hair mask! When applied topically, it soothes and moisturizes the skin while protecting it from harmful elements. This makes it an excellent treatment when combined with Avocado Oil for dry scalp. Avocado oil for the skin contains many of the same beneficial properties as for the hair; it helps to balance sebum production, it reduces wrinkles, and helps to control skin irritation and itching.


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