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Analysis with Microsoft Power BI – How to Analyze Data with Microsoft Power BI



The power of Microsoft Power BI for the analytics of data allows users to get a whole view of what is happening with your organization by presenting the data in the right way. In this article, I’ll show you how to analyze data with DA-100 Dumps Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate.


What is DA-100?

Starting this year (or perhaps toward the finish of the past one), Microsoft reported that they would be changing confirmation methodology. Rather than being guaranteed for explicit apparatuses (like, for instance, SQL Server, Power BI, and so on), confirmations are currently founded on detailed ROLES (like Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Developer, etc.).

It implies that will resign old affirmations and tests, presently at the hour of composing it is until January 31st, 2021), so on the off chance that you intend to take “old” tests — pick up the pace:)


Power BI is an analytics service that can be used by almost every company today to track different types of business activities. You can use it for analysis of the different types of data, and as a result, you can gain the insight and information you need to make better business decisions.


Data is a big part of business today. You need to track the progress and analysis of your employees and your company. It means that you have to keep track of everything and you have to present the data in the right way. When data is shown in the right way, it makes it easier for decision-makers to understand and to act upon what you need to.


When analyzing data with Microsoft Power BI, there are several different ways you can present it. These include using charts, graphs, pie charts, time series, and data visualizations.


Charts are great for presenting data more visually. You can offer different types of data using maps. You can use graphs to make a chart of the trend over some time, as well as a diagram of monthly data.


DA-100 Dumps Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate


Pie charts can help you to get a complete picture of what is happening with your organization. You can use pie charts to compare different types of data. Data visualizations are great for presenting data more visually. You can use them to represent your company or your business in a new way. T analyzing data with mpi | time-series graphs} Time series graphs are also popular when you need to get information about your organization in a more comprehensive way. They allow you to display historical data over time. You can also use data visualizations to present data about your business in different formats.


Data visualizations are also very useful if you are trying to analyze trends in data. You can use a chart to display the difference between two data sets over some time. You can also use a map to create charts of the trend over several days or weeks.


If you are using a data visualization tool to make an analysis, you can present the data in the format you need. Can visualize data visualizations using Microsoft Power BI. or in the design you need. Using these tools will enable you to analyze data in a very comprehensive and straightforward way.

DA-100 is a “genuine” replacement of the current 70–778 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI. On the off accidental that you examine the educational plan of the two tests, I would state that they cover in about 80%, which suggests that if you previously ready for 70–778, you can likely do a simple change to DA-100.

However, because Power BI is changing so quickly, there are many extravagant new highlights remembered for DA-100, particularly identified with AI stuff. Notwithstanding, don’t be frightened on the off chance that you are curious about those subjects yet — they make simply the little bit of the test.


The groundwork for the test


To get directly to the point, I didn’t make any exceptional arrangements for the test. Since I’m utilizing Power BI consistently, I would state that for my situation, operational experience assumed a critical job. In any case, my most significant concern was the way that I generally work with Power BI Desktop for Report Server (PBIRS), and I have restricted experience working with Power BI Service in a venture climate.

I felt pretty impeded for “Send and look after expectations” set of abilities. Thus, I’ve needed to locate an elective method to pick up information for this very significant area.


I neglected to refer to that I’ve taken the test while it was in Beta, so no official learning guides were accessible, yet when the test turned out to be live, I saw that Microsoft distributed learning ways for every segment for the test!

That is phenomenal information since one can locate every subject canvassed in detail. I’ve utilized Microsoft Learn to improve my insight into Power BI Service, and I need to concede that they genuinely worked superbly. In this way, on the off accidental that you need to get ready for nothing, essentially go to Microsoft Learn and begin experiencing all the subjects.

Another incredible asset is an online course by Parker Stevens from BI Elite. This course isn’t free. However, it’s not costly, either for what you get. It strolls you through every point recorded in the readiness list. I observed a couple of recordings, yet from what I got with others and realizing that Parker Stevens is a genuine master on Power BI, I accept that this course is likewise worth considering.




When you complete the test, you ought to right away get your outcomes. I’ve needed to stand by until the test changed its status from Beta to live, yet it was well worth pausing:)

Rather than an end, my message to anybody intending to take this test: continue learning and rehearsing, if you are trapped, answers are wherever near (Power BI people group is genuinely magnificent). If you put enough exertion and devotion, I’m confident that it will deliver profits eventually by acquiring the affirmation.

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