Being an HGV Driver- Is It Worth It?

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Growing in one’s profession is never simple for obvious reasons. But again, anything meriting is also worth acting for. As a young person contemplating begins your career, have you recognized HGV driving as our first preference?


Growing into a licensed driver unlocks gateways of occasion that will qualify you to make an attractive living while creating a steady tomorrow for yourself as well as your family. All you need to gain is a full car license, the capability to pass a regular medical test, and a coaching mentor who will escort you into the process of obtaining your level C1 or C1+E driving permit. Furthermore, there’s a huge requirement for HGV drivers.


HGV drivers, also known as heavy goods vehicle” drivers, are related to long-haul truckers and transportation people in Canada, United States, UK, etc. Even if you’re planning to shift professions, HGV Driving is an apt choice. It provides a great escape from dull 9-5 profession and grants you a level of authority to be your boss.


The Requirements of Becoming an HGV Driver


The first and foremost step is to switch your usual driving license into a C1 license or a C-licence. A C1 license enables you to operate hard transportations until 6-8 weights. The second one i.e., C-license entitled to handle rigorous vehicles above 7.5 tonnes. It is easy to obtain C1 and then convert it to a full C-license. Furthermore leading to theory and practical examinations, a medical test including eye test, is necessary to move onto other levels.  You can undertake HGV training if you want to be confident enough before giving a heavy vehicle test.


One requires a CPC also known as Driver Certification of Professional Competence to become a legitimate HGV Driver. It has to be acknowledged that this training originates at a value


Legal Minimum Wages:


The HGV business is administered by multiple sets of laws, but eventually, legal salary minimums still apply. Indicating that one is still included in National Minimum Wage, the National Living Wage, and the Trial Period Levy. To join the National Minimum wage, one can anticipate a least per hour salary of £7.38 for ages 21-24, £5.90 for ages 18-20. A fully experienced HGV driver can earn approximately £30,000-40,000 per year, depending on whether you’re an individualistic operator or contracted with a firm. 


Soft Skills Needed by HGV Drivers


Not just professional skills, HGV drivers need a lot more than that. HGV drivers do require having a lot of “soft skills” as well. First of all, they need the capability to work, interact with other people. HGV drivers communicate with technicians, transport supervisors, and clients, both shipping and receiving. Being an HGV driver includes quite a lot of control. At a point, HGV drivers will need to plot routes, directions and keep a primary account of their trips. They also need to be proficient problem-solving abilities. Not just this there are various other skills or talents you have to or able to earn, which will present you as more engaging and customer friendly. 


1.   Schedule your timings:


As an independent HGV driver, one has the potential to fix their timing and even their position. There is a huge command for drivers over countries like the USA, Canada, and UK. So if you choose to relocate with your family or even as an individual, it will be quite friendly and easy to pick up work as well as the quality of life quickly. 


2. Convenient Job Opportunities:

An essential factor for any job is if it will be proposing you satisfactory work to secure a living. And the bottom of the barrel, once you earn your HGV license, you’ll be introduced to loads of various driving jobs. Additionally, we are also looking forward to securing work as the demand for an HGV driver is here to stay. The cybernated era may have indeed served in some way, ordering stuff is just one click call and more orders mean more deliveries to be made. 


3. Independent Work privilege:

A corporate job is a job that entails being still for long a time befits many people. Nonetheless, some feel extremely constrained and would preferably do a job allowing higher freedom. HGV driving, will not only let you be will you be out and about frequently, but you can also take power over your work, examining and improving your every move, and if you want to listen to the radio as much as you can! 


4. Paid to travel:

The biggest advantage of an HGV driver is you get to work while traveling from one place to another. And that enables you to tour some sites you may not have been to yet, or return places you admire and encountering spectacular views, all through you are being paid to do your work!


5. Not too expensive to get into:

The coaching or training costs are not as high as other career prospects. Research nearby and observe what excerpts are on offer. The initial step is the HGV legal certification charges, which again are not overly pricey when you think of the implied funds once you are out and about as an HGV driver.


 6. Work Contentment:

In this techno-modern world everything is easily available on your gadgets, but to receive those things at your doorstep you need deliveries. Without HGV shipments, the country would slack off. So at the end of the day, HGV drivers perceive a sense of contentment identifying they’ve made a sincere validation to people’s lives. 


7. Anyone Can Do It:

You don’t need any specific set of qualifications to be an HGV driver. All you need is a legitimate old driving license. If you’ve got that, then you can readily become an HGV driver. All it takes are some instructional sessions, some practical driving experience, and another driving exam. 


8. You Get To Drive A Huge Lorry:

Nothing matches the chance to do a job most youngsters visualize in their growing years. Especially for young boys, there’s something about climbing into your lorry and transmuting the ignition that never discontinues putting a smirk on one’s face.


To conclude, HGV driver jobs are abundant and can help someone or anyone to get their key in a worthwhile profession.

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