ATM Skimming: What Is Atm Skimming And How To Protect Yourself From ATM Skimming?

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Losing money from your wallet doesn’t just mean losing cash but even threats to the security of your debit and credit cards are regarded as risks to your wallet. One of the common fraudulent activities nowadays is ATM skimming where frauds who have a high technical knowledge steal the data from your ATM cards by installing devices on the ATM. The data stolen is used to make an identical ATM card like yours and the ATM fraud also employs various means to determine your ATM pin to withdraw the money without your consent. 


How does the ATM skimming take place?


To carry out this fraud the fraudsters rob the data from your debit and credit cards by fixing small electronic devices in the card slot where you swipe your debit/credit card. These devices are temporarily fixed and removed once a few users swipe their cards in the ATM. Also, only ATM card cloning is not enough as the card skimmer would also need your PIN to use the dummy card. To do that, they fix a pin-sized camera on or near the ATM. 


How to remain protected from ATM Skimming?


You can implement these ideas or ways to stay protected from ATM card Skimming:

Stay Alert 


The best possible idea would be to remain alert while using your ATM card. The ATM card skimmer is likely to use temporary materials like glue or glue tape to fix the device on the card slot. Therefore, you can inspect the card slot closely or use your hand to find such devices fixed on the system. 


Sometimes, these devices are easily noticeable as they do not match the regular design of the card slot but some of these devices might be too small or slim to be recognized. In such cases, your chances of finding them get minimized and you might need other ways to secure your ATM card. 


Look for the camera 


Check whether a hidden camera is pointed towards the typing area by examining the ATM hall closely. Most of these devices can be installed on the roof and you must be vigilant enough to spot these tiny pinholes. In case you don’t find the camera, you can always use one of your hands to cover the keypad before typing your PIN. 


If you find the device, camera, or both then do not forget to contact the ATM staff and police immediately. 


Refrain from using unfamiliar machines 


It is better to use the ATMs that you visit regularly because you would not be familiar with the ATMs of unknown places. Also, it is seen that ATM fraud usually takes place in tourist spots where the ATM centers are overcrowded with tourists. Use digital payment options when you go out of cash in unknown terrain. 


Online and digital scammers are also quite active these days and therefore, even digital mediums might not be 100% secure. To tackle ATM skimming. ATM cloning, and other fraudulent activities that can increase the risk of phishing and scams of your wallet, Bajaj Finserv is offering Wallet Care Plan. It keeps you covered in case you get cheated by a card skimmer or a fake transaction done with your debit/credit cards. Some of the main benefits of this plan are listed below:


  • Card blocking feature – If you come across any ATM fraud then you can block all your cards with just one call. 


  • Wide range of payment options – You can make the payment for this plan by using digital wallets, net banking, debit/credit cards, and other online payment options. Therefore, it gets convenient for you to get this plan for protecting your wallet. 


  • Financial cover – This plan also provides financial cover in the form of an emergency advance in case you get stranded without cash while traveling or while staying at a hotel. 


  • Fraud cover – A coverage of up to Rs. 2,00,000 is provided to protect your wallet from telephishing, frauds done by using your PIN, online phishing, etc. You also get coverage of up to Rs. 1 lakh in case your card gets misplaced or stolen by scammers or frauds. 


It also includes many other benefits like the free placement of PAN Card, emergency cash of up to Rs. 10,000, etc. Therefore, this plan proves to be your best option for staying secure from ATM fraud in India. 


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