Athena Medical Software vs CureMD EMR

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What is an EMR?

The term EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and as the name suggests it does very much have to do with medical records and maintaining their digital copies however this is not all these software do. EMR software these days is incharge of pretty much everything that has to do with the medical practice; from taking care of the billing to practice management. Two of the most popular EMR software out there are Athena Medical Software and CureMD EMR software. So you are probably wondering what features these software have which is why we have compiled this list of features both software have. 

Athena Medical Software

Appointment Management for your Ease

One feature which honestly is one of the best in Athena Medical Software is the appointment management feature because of how easy it makes everything. The software’s appointment management features lets you schedule appointments according to availability on both ends. Other than that, it also automatically sends reminder emails and texts to patients which further reduces the number of no-shows you encounter. Other than that, any last minute cancelations are also immediately filled in by the software. Overall, a lot of Athena Medical Software reviews talk about how good this software is because of the appointment management feature alone. 


Billing Made Simple

A lot of doctors and medical practices complain about how much time and effort it takes them to do their billing. Since as a doctor you are already short on time, you probably do not have the time to sit down and do the billing which takes a lot of effort. Hiring someone means you increase your personnel costs significantly. Hence, Athena Medical Software providing you with a billing feature which helps you bill your patients efficiently and without any errors is honestly a God sent! A lot of Athena Medical Software reviews also mention these features as being a favorite of most users. 

Patient Portal 

The patient portal feature just might be one of the best features of Athena Medical Software because of how helpful it is to both you and your patients. This is because with this feature, you are able to have a little reprieve as patients get to be incharge of certain things. The feature allows for patients to be able to access their profiles through the software and then schedule their own appointments. The software also allows for the patients to talk to the doctor and communication is made much easier. All in all, this feature is pretty great and makes the Athena Medical Software pricing worth it. 


e-Consent Legal and Easy

The e-Consent feature in CureMD software is not only more secure and also saves you a lot more time. This software’s e-Consent pre-populates the consent form with all the patient information and demographics which are usually entered on such a form. Once that happens, you are set and can easily give it to the patient and get them to sign it and then go on with the treatment. This feature is incredibly helpful since it saves you a lot of time and makes sure the consent form is properly filled and signed so no legal issues can arise later on. 

History Taking was Never Faster

One of the biggest concerns for every doctor is that they are taking the proper history of their patient because your patient’s history helps both figure out their condition as well as helps you in treating them. This is because with this software, you are able to easily populate the sheet with whatever details it asks. Other than that, the software also accounts for medication history and allergies among other things. Overall, the features in this software prove to be a worthy rival to Athena Medical Software.


Which Software Should you Invest in

Now you are probably wondering which software you should invest in. While we cannot make this decision for you, we can certainly help you come to your own conclusion. The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you think you want in a software. Once you do this, you can compare this list to the features available in each software and see which one would be more suitable for you and your needs. Other than this, you can also request the vendors for a Athena Medical Software demo to see whether this software is suitable for your medical practice. You can do the same with CureMD by asking the vendors for a demo for that software. Overall, the decision of which software to use is yours because at the end of the day, you are the one who will have to use that software daily; whether that is Athena Medical Software or CureMD EHR or maybe even another completely different software.

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