Are Mobile Apps Transforming Lives & Businesses in Emerging Markets?

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The year 2020 is coming to an end and we have witnessed a tremendous increase in mobile apps this year that has not only simplified our lives but help us complete our day-to-day tasks. Our whole world revolves around apps, from starting the day with an app reminding us to wake up on time or ending the day with good night messages/calls through a networking app. Whether it’s about keeping ourselves updated with what’s new that is happening around the world or checking our social media accounts, we can truly observe the digital self in us. In a nutshell, mobile apps have undoubtedly made things easier in almost every aspect of our lives. As the competition is high, many Mobile App Development Companies in California are trying their best to help businesses with robust mobile apps that customers love.

Reasons behind the Increase in App Dependency

Our smartphones have become the digital assistants that we need to give us ease for communication, interaction & many other activities. Here are some of the main reasons that drove users towards the use of mobile apps-

          Ease & Convenience

Customers today have no time to wait and they want a quick response for any information or services they need. Using the mobile app is easy and convenient as users only have to download them from the app stores & use them on their smartphones anytime they want.

          Faster Communication

There are thousands of apps that enable you to call or message your friends or family without extra cost as long as you have an internet connection. Thanks to social media apps that have led to better interaction with more clarity of audio and video calls.

          Easy Portability

Smartphones are small and fit your pocket enabling you to carry them anywhere you go. Whether you need quick info about something, book a cab or browse anything on the internet, you have apps in your smartphones making your life easy and smooth.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, all apps are available free of cost and come with all the desired features that one looks for. Hence mobile apps are becoming the main reason behind the usage of smartphones.

List of Most-Loved Mobile App Categories by Users

Successful businesses are the ones who have a larger customer base and have apps that are loved by their customers. Living in the digital world, businesses having a strong online presence are reaping their business benefits through apps. Here are some of the most-loved app categories-

          Social Networking Apps

One of the most common app categories is social networking or messaging app that enables everyone to stay connected with their loved ones anytime from anywhere. From long-distance video calls to sharing pictures, emojis, documents, and whatnot, we depend on our apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

          Entertainment Apps

From keeping away all the stress to having a good time together with friends, we have an entertainment app category. Whether it’s watching a good movie or a web series, we have all the apps on smartphones to keep boredom at bay. Additionally, there are many apps you and your friends can enjoy together without being physically present in one place.

          Health & Fitness Apps

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, fitness apps are gaining popularity. These apps enable users a have a personalized dashboard keeping track of all the activities like walk, run, heartbeat rate, etc., which is very effective to complete a target or achieve a milestone. With features like workout reminders & push notifications, these apps are becoming the future.

          eCommerce Apps

The number of online shoppers is growing every day. Not just for clothes and accessories, there are apps for getting medicines, buying groceries, or delivery of daily needs providing ease and convenience to users. No more waiting in queues to get our orders billed, mobile apps simplify everything that enables us to get things delivered at doorsteps.

          eLearning Apps

Another app category that customers value the most is the eLearning app. There is no limit to gain knowledge with online educational apps. Many schools or universities are having their apps to keep track of students’ performance in their careers. Physical classroom usually has several students in a class, which makes it difficult for a teacher to give a special focus on every student. With apps, weak students can learn and get guidance from their teacher anytime they have queries.

          Productivity Apps

As many companies have started following the trend of remote work due to unprecedented challenges like COVID, it is becoming more than important to have productivity tracing apps. These apps help in completing tasks on time without missing strict deadlines or commitments. Through these apps, it has become much easy to manage work at home and ensure that the desired productivity level is achieved. 

Closing Statement

Mobile apps have come a long way and there will in demand for quite a long time. If you have a business and you don’t have a customized mobile app for your customers, there is a high chance that you are losing your customers to the competitors. However, building an app is not enough; your app has to be unique to gain a competitive advantage and make a place in the app stores. As competition is high and customers have more choices than ever, you should build your app aligned with evolving trends and technologies to experience uninterrupted growth. If you are planning to make a difference with a reliable and robust mobile/web app, get in touch with the experts of the leading mobile and Web Development Company San Jose & avail best solutions at the best prices.

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