Are Masks Still Necessary With Vaccinations Available?

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The pandemic has changed how people live in the world now. Even so, in the last few weeks, a significant and sudden rise has been seen in the number of infected. Beyond that, even the new mutants strains of the virus are affecting people, with new symptoms and higher infection. With so many people out in the streets or at their workplace who are currently not following the appropriate behaviors needed to curb COVID, it’s no wonder that the number of cases has suddenly risen.

Recent studies have even confirmed that COVID-19’s primary mode of transmission is through the air. This is why it is imperative for everyone to use appropriate face masks to both filters away any incoming droplets in the air, or to stop droplets from being transferred. Even though 6 feet of social distancing would be a great measure, everyone surely knows by now how improbable that is to achieve. Hence, for the safety of everyone involved in public transport, at home or at workplaces, face masks should be made available and mandatory. There are many n95 mask manufacturer in India and from other countries available from where anyone can buy it for your safety.

Jose Jimenez, a chemist at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and the University of Colorado Boulder said, “The evidence supporting airborne transmission is overwhelming, and evidence supporting large droplet transmission is almost non-existent”. According to him, if people fail to maintain a discipline in wearing protection against airborne particles, they will be left unprotected and allow COVID-19 to spread even faster. A person can choose to wear an anti pollution mask in place of an N95, which would help by filtering out viral particles as well. 


Reasons to Wear a Mask

After all, If anything has been learned since the past year of 2020, the first step to stopping COVID in its tracks is a personal one. Of course, most people do not care about such rules, which are made to keep everyone safe. To highlight those points, here are some proven reasons on how masks can help to prevent the spread of the virus, and in turn help with managing the pandemic:


Prevents Asymptomatic Spread

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 50% of transmissions occur before anyone shows signs of COVID-19 symptoms. During a time when anyone could be hit by the virus, it’s probably wise to just wear a mask whether the person is infected or not. After all, a carrier could easily spread the infection to someone in the family who is vulnerable. This could help not only slow the spread from asymptomatic people but also save significant lives. Even though people should observe the other rules, masks cannot be replaced by any of them. When going from one place to other always use sanitizer or sanitizing wipes for travel purpose.

Reduces Transmission

According to Purvi Parikh, Allergist, Allergy & Asthma Network, “Surgical masks and cloth coverings can reduce viral transmission by 70% if everyone wears them and wears them correctly over their nose and mouth.” Masks should be worn responsibly, preferably after washing hands so as not to get them contaminated. Also, masks should be worn to cover both the mouth and the nose for best protection when in public spaces. As far as the choice of masks, anything that prevents small particles from being spread, it will do. In fact, a person could wear a dust protection mask and that would help them too. Better a mask, than none at all.


Protects Others

Even though masks can help with keeping any person safe from others, their primary work is to keep any viral particles from spreading to other people. Of course, logically, it works best when it’s a group effort. Even now, India’s daily rate of infection is above 2 lakh people in three consecutive days. It will keep rising if people do not stop being irresponsible towards COVID-19.


Good Hygiene

It is simply a matter of good hygiene and has uses beyond the pandemic. There is a good reason why people in the medical profession wear masks, from surgeons to dentists. It is to either protect themselves from any germs in the air from infecting them or to prevent the spread of any germs on them to others. 



Even though vaccinations have begun all around the world, contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t make face masks obsolete. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The first dose of vaccinations might make people weaker for a while, and at that very moment, it is necessary to wear masks to protect from any other diseases that could weaken the immunity. It is especially important for those with underlying health conditions and for people above the age of 60. 


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