Apartments for rent in Skycourts towers

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Preview of Skycourts tower

The Skycourts tower project was started in 2007 and concluded in 2010. The placement of Skycourts towers is in UAE, Dubai. It is a residential area having 6 towers. About 2368 apartments are being constructed on these towers. The total estimated cost was spent on the manufacturing of Skycourts tower worth $433.37 million. In 6 of all these towers, total floors are 21. It is also facilitated with lifts 24/7. Towers are labeled in alphabetical order like A, B, C to recognize the blocks and areas.

Builders and planners of Skycourts towers

The builders and planners of Skycourts towers are National bonds cooperation PJSC. It is a very well-known real estate builder in Dubai. They successfully introduced many houses and apartments at affordable prices, and no need to pay for commission. 

Providing online guidance assistance

Skycourts towers also provides ease for people to gather information about the apartments just with one click. All related information and details are given on internet sites. You can explore all the rooms and full infrastructure of apartments in pictures and also ask the consultant to help you out. Online booking and payment facility is also available. After getting satisfaction, you can consult the dealers to further inquiry.

Status of Skycourts tower

The project is successfully concluded and many accommodations are occupied. The review by people about Skycourts towers is appreciable and worth mentioning. People are inspired by the locality and construction of the Skycourts towers in Dubai so many of them prefer to settle here. People generally prefer to attain a good quality lifestyle with every facility. Ratings of Skycourts towers are impressive and it gains the attention of others to invest their money and buy a permanent asset for their whole life.

Number of bedrooms in apartment

The number of bedrooms which Skycourts towers offer for rent is

·         One-bedroom

·         Two-bedroom

Advantages offered by Skycourts towers

People will be attracted and willing to invest their money where they get all advantages and facilities at their doorstep or nearest. Skycourts ensures to provide all the best provisions to the people to choose Skycourts towers. More advantages, more the people will come to get the opportunity. Skycourts towers maintained all the levels to attain a good position in the market. As well as to facilitate the people to have all the advantages under one roof.

Some facilities are mentioned below:

24 hours working lifts and elevators

In each tower, it is facilitated with 24 hours working cargo lifts provided with high speed 5 lifts. Lifts are very well kept and quick. Sometimes people get scared of the uncertainty of lifts and elevators so for this, a proper backup plan is also planned. No issue will be happening.

Safety measure by Skycourts towers

As safety is very important and a priority of the people’s choice thus Skycourts towers make it a safe and secure place. Proper arrangement of CCTV cameras and security council is present and proving 24/7-time service to protect the people. We care for our people and make sure to give our best services.

Healthy environment with good maintenance

A healthy environment leads to a healthy, wealthy, and positive life. Skycourts towers make it possible to give a safe and sound healthy atmosphere to the community. Good maintenance of corridors, lifts, and stairs is kept the priority. Daily cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor and indoor areas are done by the cleaning faculty. Arrangements are made daily so no negligence will be made and providing a good atmosphere. 

Places provided for doing functions 

On the roof, proper sitting and garden are made for the functions and events to happen there. All other facilities such as benches and security are also present.

A favorable place for everyone

It is a favorable place for everyone. For pets, it is also an eco-friendly place. For children and every certain group of ages, this is a suitable place

Luxury life in Skycourts towers

Skycourts towers made it best possible to provide a high standard of life by giving luxury life. For adults, 2 swimming pools are constructed and 1 for kids. Play areas are also made for the people. Cycling tracks are well established with jogging areas too. Gym and health facility areas are also made. All modern gym types of equipment are present in the gym.


Providing the best treatment to the guest

Proper arrangements are made for the guests. Guest can park their vehicles outside the tower, and full assistance will be given to the guests. All other facilities will also be given.

Architecture and infrastructure of apartments

Proper new designs and infrastructures are developed in the apartments. Market and trending designs are followed according to the taste of people so they will have their accommodation to their living standard and choice.

One-bedroom apartment details

One bedroom is classified into 3 different measurements; small, middle, and huge. The bathroom is in the living area on a Huge one.

Two-bedroom apartment details

Two bedrooms are generally larger than one-bedroom rooms and it also comes in different dimensions with different types of designing and architecture. 

Apartment for rent in Skycourts tower

The apartments which are available Apartment for rent in Skycourts towers are one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Online booking is also available by opening the website. All related basic information about the payment process is given.

Accessible and favorable position

The Skycourts tower is present in the most suitable and favorable position as it links to the main road of emirates road Dubai and outer ring road. It is also close to the famous sites in Dubai. A good locality matters the most. The majority of favorites places are nearest to Skycourts towers.

Affordable prices

People often chose to live where they can afford luxury apartments at affordable prices. The locality of Skycourts towers is in the best position along with having all facilities. An easy payment plan is introduced by the developers and consultants so people can afford a high standard of living on their reasonable budget.


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