Amazon FBA Product Sourcing Guide

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Sourcing products to sell should be possible through different strategies, for example, dropshipping, print-on-request, discount, and custom assembling. Today, we should investigate Amazon FBA item sourcing and answer regular inquiries regarding choosing which products to offer.

What is sourcing on Amazon?

To start with, FBA represents Fulfillment by Amazon, which implies you send your inventory to Amazon to store it in its distribution centers. At the point when a client gets it, Amazon deals with the pressing and shipping, just as refunds and returns. 

Utilizing Amazon FBA guarantees quality coordination’s, so you just need to stress over sourcing and marketing your products. Not all dealers fabricate their own products and source their products through different methods like wholesalers, dropshipping, or an external maker.

A few tips to evaluate potential products

Each product thought you have ought to be painstakingly considered before you sell it. Here are a couple of inquiries to pose to yourself while assessing potential products for your business:


  • Will my business receive profit from this product? Ensure a product will give you a decent profit margin that you can either return to your business or make a pay for you.

  • How easy (or difficult) will this product be to create and sell? You can make custom products for your business purchasing materials from outside suppliers, utilizing outsourcing or discount, or using print-on-request services.

  • What is my business budget? Contingent upon the size and weight of your item, Amazon FBA shipping fees may cost more than other shipping techniques.

  • Is this product seasonal? Ensure you discharge new products at the appropriate time your customers may require them. For instance, on the off chance that you maintain an apparel business, you wouldn’t start to sell shorts and tank tops toward the start of winter. Your customers will be searching for sweaters and snow boots around then.

  • What is the competition doing? Investigate different brands and companies that are selling comparable products. How might you make your products more tempting over the competition?

  • What are you passionate about? What would you like to sell? What might you appreciate bringing into individuals’ lives? In case you’re genuinely interested in your specialty, maintaining a business will be more agreeable.

Be that as it may, it’s not simply a question of finding what you’re energetic about and delivering new products during the optimal season. Different perspectives ought to be viewed as with regards to choosing inventory that sells including the accompanying:

How do I find good FBA products?

One approach to discover potential FBA products to sell is to gather information from comparative products sold on Amazon. Here are a couple of model details for your research:

Profit margin

A Amazon profit margin is the measure of cash you get from selling products after fees and different costs. You need to have sufficient profit margin to acquire a pay from your business. 

There are two distinct sorts of margins: working margin and gross margin. Working margin is the amount you can return to your business after sales, less fees. Gross margin incorporates every one of the fees from your product beginning to end. Fees may incorporate your vendor account charge, referral fees, and FBA Fees (month to month inventory storage and satisfaction expense per unit).


Figure out who the competition is as you discover the products you need to sell. Which brands are selling that item the best? How might you improve it? 

Investigate the price your competition is offering the item. Consider your own pricing dependent on charges and other business costs. Take a gander at the reviews of your competitors’ products. What is the organization doing very much dependent on the great reviews and what needs improvement dependent on the negative reviews?

Search volume

Consider your target audience and the kinds of products they need. What might help tackle their issues? What might help make things simpler for them? Assuming an item isn’t sought after, it will undoubtedly be hard to sell.


Amazon FBA product sourcing requires examination and thought. You would prefer not to purchase or create inventory before you are certain that it is sellable.


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