All you need to know about compressed gases hazards

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Despite being used in various industries, gases can pose serious threats to human health and the environment. Be it natural gases or compressed gases; the hazards go hand in hand with their usability. Talking about compressed gases, they can be toxic, flammable and oxidizing, and corrosive agents. Industrial workers and management must know about these hazards and take prudent protective steps. We have compiled a list of hazards caused by compressed gases in different industries. Read this piece to the full to know more about these hazards!

Compressed natural gas hazards:

Compressed gases are pressurized, besides being toxic and flammable. Do you know that the amount of energy in a compressed natural gas cylinder makes it a potential rocket? Think about the threats and hazards it can cause to human health and the workplace. Following are the most common hazards of these gases discussed. Walk with us!

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1. Industrial hazards:

Various hazards are associated with compressed gases when workers are storing and handling them. Following are the threats they should watch out for during working or storing compressed gases.

i)  Asphyxiation:

Industrial workers often work with compressed gases in confined spaces. Compressed gases can easily leak into the atmosphere, reducing the oxygen level in the air. The asphyxiation effect is felt more in enclosed spaces since the oxygen level will go below the required mark. Workers can confront these issues while storing or handling compressed gases.

Since these gases are odorless and colorless, their detection is hard for humans. It is best to install gas detection equipment across the entire workplace to know about the required levels of different gases. Gas detector Dubai-based suppliers are best to contact to get your hands on advanced gas detection instruments.

ii) Fire and explosion:

As discussed, compressed gases are flammable and toxic. They can cause explosions and fire at the workspace if exceed the required concentration level. It is the main danger related to combustible gases like oxygen and oxidizers. Static electric or a heat source, for example, fire or a hot object, can touch off combustible gases. Even though oxygen or oxidizing agents doesn’t consume, they start an ignition response with organic materials.

The pace of this burning response upgrades as the measure of oxidizers in the response medium increases. Likewise, non-combustible materials may consume in an oxygen-enriched medium. The combustion reaction with organic materials can cause more damage than the gas itself. Therefore, workers should watch out for such reactions and go as safely as they can.

iii) Chemical poisoning:

Even if the compressed gases are in very small concentrations, they can still cause considerable damage. Chemical poisoning is another threat associated with these gases. Short-term exposure to these gases can cause chemical poisoning to workers.

Short-term exposures and their symptoms are not acute. However, delayed symptoms cannot go unnoticed. Industrialists and workers should observe the minimal levels of these gases through effective gas sensing instruments and gas detectors.

iv) Chemical burns:

Compressed gases are highly unpredictable, and a small prick can do the damage. Toxic gases are known for their chemical attacks and causing damages to human health and the workplace. Corrosive and oxidizing agents can chemically attack and react with different materials, including fire-proof apparel. They may quickly destruct skin and eye tissues.

Some vaporous substances that are regularly non-destructive may turn out to be amazingly dangerous with moisture, even in a limited quantity. It is best to buy gas sensing equipment from gas detector Dubai based suppliers and make the workspace safe and sound!

v) High pressure:

As stated, the amount of energy in a compressed natural gas cylinder makes it a potential rocket. It is because the pressure is too high and is potentially hazardous. Since workers often propel the cylinders or whip lines while storing or handling these gases, it may cause serious injuries.

Workers are advised to carefully handle these containers or cylinders since the pressure inside is too high. A sudden release through propelling or whipping a line will make things complicated.

2. Human health hazards:

Apart from industrial hazards, compressed gases are always hazardous for human health. Following are a few threats associated with human health.

i) Skin damage:

Repeated exposure to these gases can cause irritation on the skin and leave burn marks on the surface. The gas can damage the tissues as well. However, short-term exposures are not that acute.

ii) Eye damage:

Contact of these gases with eyes can cause temporary irritation. However, it will get fine soon when protective steps are taken. Eyes should be rinsed with water for 15 minutes.

iii) Inhalation damage:

Inhalation can cause asphyxiation. The victim should immediately be taken to an uncontaminated area for fresh air.

Ensure safety against poisonous gases with gas detectors!

Various toxic gases in the industries can cause serious health and environmental damages. These damages should be protected with effective gas detectors. Contact the suppliers to get your hands on the modern-day digital gas detectors.

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