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Do you need to be in a relationship for work and don’t know where to start? You are in the right place: here is a small guide to writing a text capable of clarifying all the points for maximum clarity.

This is one of the points that many colleagues want to investigate: how to make a report and write a well-structured text? The starting point is this: clarity must win. The goal of this content is communication.

How do you make a relationship?

In reality, the purposes are different. You can set up a work or study relationship, to describe books or create a medical record. The purposes are infinite, they also lead to the writing of the reports of a book. But the starting point is similar.

You have to write an effective report, capable of reaching the recipient with a series of information to summarize, deepen and report the news. Where to start? How to set up a written report? Here are the tips for giving information.

Content index

  • What is a relationship and how to do it: definition
  • How to set up and start the written report
    • Target
    • Target
    • Sources
  • Scheme and structure for drawing up a report
    • Title and subtitle
    • Introduction and incipit
    • Research methodology
    • Body of the report
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography and sources
  • Examples of how to write a report
  • How to write a business report
    • Numbers and data
    • Visual material
  • How to make a relationship: any questions?

What is a relationship and how to do it: definition

How to make a relationship? It is fair to understand what the meaning of this word is. The term in question indicates a document, digital or paper, in which events or notions are accurately reported.

In any case, lived experiences are at the center of writing.

This work of good writing arises from the need to report what you have read, seen, and touched with your hand. You can set up a school or business relationship, it all depends on the situation. But, as I told you, the starting point is similar.

How to set up and start the written report

The first step to proceed is clear: you must define the work with a series of essential steps to write the report in the best possible way. How?

The essential points: how to make a relationship.

Following the principle of maximum clarity to reach the public. Drawing up a report involves the presence of 3 reflections that cannot be missed.


What is this document for? Why are you writing a report? The essential step is the one that allows you to contextualize your business. Remember that the function of this document is always expository, so you must inform.


The second point to take into consideration: who is this workshop aimed at? Preparing a report without knowing your audience is a risk that you cannot afford: before you start writing you must understand who the text is aimed at.


Before drafting the report you must have a starting point, you must understand what to include in this text. Therefore, the management of sources becomes an essential step to ensure that the final result is effective for the reader.

Scheme and structure for drawing up a report

You can write a university report, a work report, a book review card. In any case, there is a scheme to define the type of work to be done in the preparation of this document. What are the steps for making a relationship?

Before starting, create a lineup, an outline of things to write. You can use a mind mapping program to organize your drafting work.

You have to follow a structure that tends to reflect the inverted pyramid: first the most important information than the details and insights.

Title and subtitle

Elements of great clarity, strings of text capable of summarizing in a few words what you are about to introduce. People cross the headline and get interested, continue with the subtitle, and understand a little more. To then start reading.

Introduction and incipit

The report usually begins with a premise that may or may not be methodological, therefore possibly capable of presenting the topic and the operations performed.

Here you can also enter phases and times necessary for the work, people involved, individual roles. The macro-section includes these key elements:

  • Title.
  • Subtitle.
  • Author / s.
  • Date and place.
  • Abstract.

This last section contains the activities carried out to obtain the result. In summary, what to put in this section? The general topic of the report, the particular aspect you face, the current knowledge situation, the personal contribution.

Research methodology

I am talking about the working methods that made it possible to collect the data. The topic to be addressed and any legislation respected is also described here.

This step is not always necessary, it mainly concerns technical and work relationships, perhaps university ones. In any case, it is essential in the first place to understand the conditions and reflections on the sample examined:

  • How wide it is.
  • How it was chosen.

Attention to the focus of the methodology: what is the goal of the data analysis and, above all, which methods have been used and put into practice? Qualitative or quantitative?

Body of the report

Here you have to prepare the actual report, adding the information necessary to be informative, clearly expose the points necessary for the public to understand. Here you can be even more precise about the method and tools used.


The moment to devote to the results, the data collected (you have already explained how) and any difficulties encountered during the work. Here you can describe the data, comment on the results, define reflections, and propose new points of view.

Here you have to ask yourself what you can extract from the results, how useful the conclusions are, and what you can do to follow up on the work done. It is not enough to enumerate the essential points and conclusions, also take a look towards the future.

Bibliography and sources

As also shown in the diagram and media, the last point concerns the sources used. Especially for a scientific report, it is important to cite the bibliography and other realities necessary to obtain clear references concerning what you have consulted.

Examples of how to write a report

Do you need a practical case, a clear outline of how to write a report? I understand, in reality, the variables are infinite, you may need examples to write scientific reports, techniques, internships or books, perhaps a laboratory.

For this, I suggest you take a look at which summarizes dozens of reporting templates and examples. This way you can download the one you prefer.

How to write a business report

A clear structure behind the drafting work helps, but always remember that behind it all lies your skill. How to make a relationship? Simple, you have to follow some good writing rules that could make a difference.

  • Use a simple and effective style, write to be read.
  • Avoid any form of bureaucratic and corporate law.
  • Eliminates complex, too complex, tiring periods.
  • Always think in terms of clarity to improve:
    • Text formatting.
    • Choice of the font (character).
    • Text aligned with the flag.

The language must be designed to facilitate the readability of the text, but refers to the credibility of the tone of voice. Each element must have a character capable of communicating authority and objectivity. It is not easy to write a good report.

Numbers and data

When you quote percentages and statistics you are making a good contribution to the work of writing a technical report, but remember to always demonstrate where the figures are coming from. Methodology and source of the analysis work remain essential references. To improve this aspect you can also insert summary tables.

Visual material

A point to underline with great attention: images and videos. These elements can contribute to the work of clarity but must always be accompanied by the source. Any graphs need to be explained, you need to show the data.

How to make a relationship: any questions?

In this post, you will find tips for preparing and setting up a relationship based on good writing. Indeed, on effective communication. Because the final insurance  goal is this: to relate, to bring back to the recipient what you have seen and read, perhaps experienced.

In your opinion, is it easy to prepare a written report that can speak for you? Leave your opinions and any questions in the comments to understand how to proceed.

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