An End-To-End Guide To Building An App Like Airbnb ( airbnb clone script )

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What is Airbnb?

It is an online vacation rental marketplace connecting the host and the travelers/tourists. The app allows hosts to list their places and rent them to travelers. This helps them earn money easily and effectively. To be precise, the Airbnb clone script helps startups and entrepreneurs to start their own vacation rental businesses like Airbnb instantly.

 Why do travelers opt for Airbnb over hotels?

 People(Travelers/Tourists)  are less interested to interact with the host or the hotel owners to book their stays. They feel it inconvenient to deal with everything via a call or by some references. One of the crucial reasons for tourists/travelers choosing Airbnb is their affordability and reasonable cost, household amenities, etc. Also, in Airbnb, they usually rent the whole house rather than sharing the accommodation with a host.

 Report Highlights

Airbnb has expanded significantly since its launch and has captivated a broader audience. In a recent survey, participants were asked about Airbnb’s usage like the purpose of their trip, their stay, etc. At last, the survey also highlighted questions like how often travelers booked their stay on Airbnb. The results are given below. 

  • The survey conducted by Guttentag in 2015 states that between July and October, there were around 800+ respondents who stayed in an Airbnb accommodation.

  • Almost 61 % choose Airbnb as a replacement for a hotel.

  • About 26% quoted that staying with Airbnb led them to increase the length of their trip.

  • Almost 70% accommodated in an entire-home rather than a sharing stay, and about 91% were likely to recommend Airbnb to others.

  • 89% were satisfied with Airbnb’s stay, and 62% indicated that they are very likely to use Airbnb again on their next trip. 

  • Talking in global terms, there are 60 million registered active users.

  • Approximately 500,000 guests stay through the Airbnb app.

  • More than 700,000 hosts have 2 million listings on the app used by 192 nations and 57,000 cities.

  • The revenue of the app is estimated to be $900 million.

 Building a home rental app like Airbnb includes the following features in your app that will make your app unique and make a difference in the hospitality industry. 

 Exclusive features in the Guest Login

  • Easy Registration

The app makes it easier for your app users to log in to the app by registering their credentials. The app also allows users to access via logging in to their social networking sites like Facebook, Gmail account, etc. 

  • Smart Search Bar

Users can search or browse the house for rentals by this search bar built with filters like price range, room facilities, number of rooms, and many more after logging in to the app.

  • Virtual Tour

This remarkable feature entices users to engage in your Airbnb clone. It enables users to have a virtual room tour giving a high-quality effect that helps them view the entire house/room with amenities/facilities.


  • Favorites

The Airbnb clone app development allows guests or your users to mark any home as their favorites so that they can book for that in the future when traveling again. The clone app will enable users to maintain and manage a complete list of favorites marked by them.


  • Facilities

This feature enables users to select and check amenities like bathrooms, kitchen, living area, etc., making it easier for them to view everything required directly from an app.


  • Multi-payment integration

The clone app is integrated with multiple payment gateway options, allowing all travelers (including international tourists) to process secure and fast payments with the available options like net banking, e-wallets, PayPal, etc.


  • Booking Details

After booking via an app like Airbnb, users can check their booking details with the date, check-in, check-out date, and time.


  • Discounts & Offers

The rental app includes deals and special offers, allowing app users to access those deals while booking.


  • In-app alerts

The clone app is built with real-time notifications and alerts where users will be informed about their booking, processed payments, confirmation, and cancellation of the booking. It allows you to send deals and special offers to the registered users and keep them updated.


  • Ratings & Review

The Airbnb clone script gives flexibility to your users, enabling them to share their honest feedback.

 Core features in the Host App

  • Login

We developed an app like Airbnb that allows hosts to log in with a few clicks by quickly entering their details. Also, it has social media login options to enable quick access.

  •  Adding a Place

Hosts can easily and directly add a place, property like house, room, etc., in the app listing. They will be notified once the admin approves the added one via instant notifications.

  •  Adding Photos/Videos

The clone app gives flexibility for hosts to add pictures and videos, allowing users/guests to view and check those before booking it. Providing pictures and videos will provide a clear idea about the place they are booking.

  •  Managing Bookings

This feature allows hosts to handle all the past and current bookings by date, time, month, etc. 

  •  My Earnings

Under the ‘My Earnings’ feature in the clone app, the hosts can check and manage their earnings and generate a yearly report.

  •  Cost Management

This feature is an Airbnb clone app makes it easier for hosts to manage regular, weekend, holiday, and festive special prices. They are allowed to change the price if there arrives a particular season like holiday and festive season and can manage everything with a few taps from the comfort of their homes.

  •  Real-time alerts

The hosts will receive alerts and notifications about the bookings, payments, canceled bookings, and more.

  •  Feedback

It allows hosts to view the reviews from the guests. It helps hosts to keep enhancing the user experience in the long run.

 Admin panel features

  • Dashboard

The app is developed with a dashboard that helps the admin view and manages the sales report and other activities. The details of all the hosts and users are handled and monitored by the admin.

  •  Listings

This feature helps manage all the listings available in the Airbnb clone script and allow admin to scrutinize their legalities and other verification processes.

  •  Booking History

As the name refers, the admin is given complete access to manage and check all the history of bookings and new reservations.

  •  Feedback & Complaints

The guests’ and hosts’ reviews are viewed here. Any complaints concerning hosts or users can be rectified, and actions can be taken accordingly.

  •  Insights

The admin can help see the detailed insights of all the hosts and user’s activities, their payments and earnings, etc., that help make future decisions.

Cost to develop an app like Airbnb

  • The development cost varies based on the following factors,

  • Choice of platforms (Android, iOS, or both)

  • It depends on the number of professionals and developers involved in the project like UX/UI designer, developer, QA Analyst, etc.

  • It depends upon the region of App Development.

  • It varies based on the technology stack used in building and the complexity of features included in the app.

An app like Airbnb developed with the leading mobile app development company may cost you around $1999 while working on both platforms enabling your app to reach a broader audience with its intuitive mobile app.

Wrapping Up,

By developing the Airbnb clone ready-made vacation rental solution loaded with all vital features similar to the popular Airbnb app, enterprises can post their listings, and users can swiftly book their stays via the app. Join this thriving market to earn high ROI in the long run!


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