A Newlyweds Home Décor Guide – Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

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Bedroom is the most private space in your house. From sleeping peacefully to relaxing your muscles, you can do everything in this room. Interestingly, for newlyweds, bedrooms set a level of romance and intimacy. Hence, making a statement with furniture is not enough. You must adapt the best lighting ideas for bedroom when moving in with your spouse.

Besides sleeping, bedroom is a busy place during the work hours too. Hence, this space requires lighting that satisfies you every while. This article is a newlywed’s home decor guide to help couples place the finest lights in their space.

Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

Understand that proper lighting is an essential element of a bedroom design. Setting up a bedside lamp does not meet standards of a newlywed couple’s bedroom. You must enrich embellish every corner with appropriate lights.

Keep your bedroom lighting ideas classic, standard, or traditional as per your taste.  For more, you can look forward to these lighting types and decide how you can add glitz and glam to your private space.

§  Flush Mount Lights

§  Pendant Lights

§  Bedside Lighting

§  Track Lighting

§  Floor Lamps

§  Recessed Lights

§  Chandelier Fixtures

§  Ceiling Fanlights

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount fixtures serve as the most popular overhead lighting for bedrooms. These sit directly against our ceiling and make a statement. Flush mounts look like a light bulb covered with a decorative bowl-shaped plastic or glass. You can select from a variety of flush mounts as per the style of your bedroom. For instance, molded glass, unusual shapes, and painted trim.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting looks amazing in a bedroom. It hangs down the ceiling on a long rod or probably a chain. Experts always recommend pendant fixtures as trendy ones for newlyweds. It creates an ambiance in your space is a popular accessory for contemporary bedrooms. For a better look, you can also place pendants over the nightstands on your bedside table.

Bedside Lighting

Every bedroom requires bedside lights in whatever ways. You can find a variety of bedside lighting ideas for bedroom and make it brighter. For newlyweds, wall scones, floor lamps, and pendant lights make the perfect choice. If you want to stick to the traditional classics, bedside lamps are a practical option. Nevertheless, lamps are also available in patterns and designs that you can try.

Track Lighting

You can add track lights in the bedroom by placing it on the ceiling or with the wall. It gives the view of positional spotlights fixed on a stylish metal track. If you are looking to add unique lights in your private space, these artistic fixtures are for you. Try to add track lights in a large bedroom near the vanity area or dresser. Keep in mind; track lights suit high ceilings more.

Floor Lamps

A newlywed’s bedroom can look iconic with floor lamps. You must benefit from this light source and brighten your floor. Most often, floor lamps result approx six feet in length. Interestingly, designers bring a variety of floor lamps to the market. You can use Choice Furniture Superstore discount codes to save on the latest style floor lamps. For a small bedroom, give attention to one floor lamp only.

Recessed Lights

Folks often limit the use of recessed lights to the living room. Nevertheless, recessed lights also known as pot lights, down lights, and can lights can brighten bedrooms too. Modernize the lighting ideas for bedroom and make a contemporary choice with these. You can combine it with additional lights and make a statement. Experts recommend recessed lights as they make a low ceiling appear higher.

Chandelier Fixtures

In the world of lighting fixtures, chandeliers are the traditional ones. These can add a classical glamour, elegance, and style in your bedroom. While most people prefer chandeliers in living rooms and entranceways, you can fix the small ones in bedrooms too. If you are decorating a room with high ceilings, a small and stylish chandelier is for you.

Ceiling Fanlights

A bedroom reaches another level of comfort with a ceiling fan. Therefore, you can add one in your bedroom if you like. Interestingly, in today’s era, ceiling fanlights bring an astonishing look to the bedroom. You can install a ceiling fan attached with a light lit for an attractive view. Try to fix one with bowl-covered bulbs if you wish to keep it stylish.

The Takeaway

Always remember, lighting ideas for bedrooms must be iconic and stylish. A single luminous fixture in your space can change the entire look. Focus on your bedroom interiors and bring in the lights you love. Share your thoughts and views in the comments below. Also, discuss the lights in your bedroom to let newlyweds come across more ideas!

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