A list of basic rules and regulations to follow before events

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Organizing outdoor events involve too many things to look into. From security measures to safety and regulatory procedures, everything must be taken care of. The host company often lacks information on the basic rules and regulations for an outdoor event. Without the proper knowledge and implementation of these rules, the event could fail. This article will explain some of the basic rules and regulations for an outdoor event. Read to learn more!

A checklist of rules and regulations:

Rules and regulations are necessary to follow for organizing an event successfully. The host company must comply with these rules to have a safe and sound event. A detailed breakdown of these rules is given below.

1. Government authorization:

Most of the outdoor events take place at a venue that falls under the authority of government bodies. Pre-authorization from these bodies is mandatory long before the event date. As a hosting company, you can’t pick an unauthorized place for your event since you can face legal issues. The pre-authorization is a systematic process, requiring a professional touch. Host companies need to take expert event companies in Dubai onboard for the procedure. They know how to make the request, complying with all the legal requirements.

2. Property officials’ permission:

Some venues require the consent of property management officials. To claim such places for your event, you must ask the management. Preparing for an event without any permission in writing would be tomfoolery. It must be on top of your to-do list.

3. Register as an organizer:

Do you have the license to run an outdoor event? This question will be asked by the government bodies when you ask for permission. You must register your company as an event organizer and completes all the necessary forms. For the legal and smooth execution of your events, registration is essential.

4. Municipality Technical Guidelines:

For outdoor events, there are some municipal guides and rules that the hosting company should essentially follow. A breach of these rules may end up in serious consequences. Some of these rules are:

·         Fireworks and lighting: The usage of fireworks is not common in most areas. Especially when you are organizing an event at a sensitive or near to the residential area. Government authorities’ permission is also important in this matter since it can create problems for the hosting company. An event must comply with all the set rules and regulations of the specific area.

·         Electricity Power Points: How will you connect your venue to the electric power points? The hosting company must be aware of the area’s general rules about such an endeavor. Illegal usage of power can create problems for the host. It would help if you connected with the power association and asked their permission to use light from an unidentified source.

·         Music Noise: At your event, you must take care of the music to stop disturbing the neighbors. A loud noise of music and cheers can create a disturbance, especially when you are in a commercial area. For example, in Dubai, you need to keep the music volume lower than 55dbA past 8 pm.

5. Take care of cultural values:

Before hosting an outdoor event, you need to study the cultural norms and values. You must not serve Alcohol in the event if you are in a Muslim country. The participant must also take care of the cultural criteria by properly dressing up for the occasion. You can take permission for certain activities if you feel they are necessary for your event.

6. Get entertainers permit:

You need to get the permission of the entertainers if you are taking them on board. The inclusion of some entertainment activities is great for your event. You can take the services of event companies in Dubai to apply for a permit. They will ensure you get the permission well before the event. 

7. The disaster management plan is necessary:

It would be best if you had a crisis management plan in hand before organizing the event. Since the events are uncertain and anything could happen, you must be ready for it. You can ask government officials to arrange medical aids and assistance in advance for you. These plans are necessary for the safety of the event.

8. Public Liability Insurance:

The safety of your participants is a must, as discussed. One such safety measure is taking public liability insurance. As a general rule, this insurance must be taken by the hosting company. Such a step can ensure the success and safety of your event.

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Why hire professional event companies?

The services of expert event organizers are necessary for the smooth execution of any event. The hosting company often lack the required information about events and their rules and regulations. Professional companies can help the host comply with all the laws and regulations to ensure a safe and sound event.


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