A Google Meet Guide Every Employee Must Refer

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Are you struggling with figuring out how to grasp the overabundance of video conferencing platforms and how to make the most out of your online calls? What is the difference between Google Meet and Hangouts? We understand your confusion. We got you covered with all the information you need to know on the Google Meet/Hangouts confusion and how you can make your meeting minutes effortless with Aira – our AI Meeting Assistant.


Let’s begin with Google Meet

Google Meet is a neat tool for all sorts of online conferencing, recently made available for everyone given the fact that so many people require video conferencing. There is a great battle being waged between different conferencing platforms, and competition is merciless, but we noticed that Google is offering several tools for conducting video conferences.

Google Meet is a great tool to take advantage of in video conferencing.  Simply navigate to a meet.google.com landing page where you can start a meeting or join a meeting with a meeting code; what’s best is that it allows you to schedule a meeting according to your calendar add participants by copying the link info and sending it to your peers.


1.  Google Meet vs. Hangouts: What’s the Deal?

You may have noticed that Google allows you to use both conferencing options, which may create some confusion. At this point, you must be wondering: what is the difference? Google Meet vs. Hangouts is a topic we already wrote about but in our blog post Google Meet vs Hangouts, but let us point out to you some fundamental differences to decide which is better for you.


1.1.          Google Meet allows up to 250 people in one call and offers live stream options for up to 10 000 participants. Still, if you prefer smaller meetings of up to 150 people and 10 people live streams, Hangouts will get you there.


1.2.          You do not need a Gmail account for Google Meet; anyone can join as long as they have a code to join, whereas, for Hangouts, you cannot join without a Gmail account.



1.3.          Google Meet is more developed and gives you more gimmicks; you can pin more participants on your screen, while Hangouts is more rudimentary and offers you to see only one participant at a time.


1.4.          Finally, if recording a meeting and having captions is vital to your conference, you might want to skip to Google Meet because Hangouts does not offer these options at this time.


Meeting Minutes: Time to Ditch the Notebook

We noticed that video conferencing platforms struggle to provide excellent and reliable minute-taking tools. If you are expected to provide meeting minutes at the end of a call you may find yourself working on summarizing key points for hours on end.

Now, we did put a man on the Moon, and we still have to write down meeting minutes? This is what we were thinking when we had to deal with going through hours of recordings to prepare meeting minutes. Luckily, we figured out a way to save your day with Aira– AI Meeting Assistant.  So, what does Aira technically do? Let us give you a few examples.


1.  Give your Intern a Break and Let Aira do the Minutes

Aira – AI Meeting Assistant is a must-have tool for providing accurate notes, action items, keywords, transcripts, and recordings for every meeting in one place. This is a convenient tool, especially for long meetings that would typically take hours to cover and synthesize in concise meeting minutes. If you have ever had to take meeting minutes, you know what we are talking about.


2.  Let Aira Join the Meeting

Aira – AI Meeting Assistant is fully integrable in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Zapier, Outlook, and many more to come. Aira detects meetings from your calendar and can instantly activate during these meetings and start recording.


3.  Aira is a Terrific Listener!

Once you Integrate Aira – AI Meeting Assistant on your platforms, you are free to talk about whatever topic you want to discuss with your peers. Aira will make sure that you have a great audio recording paired with an AI-driven approach to transcription at the end of the conversation.


4.  Where it Gets Better: Aira Loves to Summarize

So, you have been talking for three hours about particle physics or a very complex economic theory; Aira has been listening, transcribing, and summarizing your key points into a well-rounded and concise outline of your conversations.

Aira will go beyond and above other AI Meeting Assistants and help you save your time for something more productive; you can make sure that the minutes will be ready by the time you are finished with your meeting. Aira makes a list of editable action items and, upon the completion of your meetings, sends out a neat email with the minutes to your attendees.


AI Meeting Assistant: The Future of Meetings

Conversations are getting more complex with more participants, and everybody wants to say something. In 2021 if anything is sure, having an integrated AI Assistant that works 24×7 with zero errors is not a matter of convenience; it is a must. Suppose you are an HR professional, work in IT/Sales, or are a buzzing entrepreneur. In that case, you can count on Aira to get you there, faster, and more reliable than any other AI meeting assistant.


Wrapping Up

We gave you a few tips and tricks on choosing the best video conferencing platform; there is nothing more frustrating than organizing a meeting and realizing that the platform is not suitable for a specific number of people, or the tools you need are simply not there. One of these missing tools in the video conference platform industry is a reliable integrated AI Meeting Assistant. Do you think that an AI Meeting Assistant can help you out in your daily work? We hope we helped you make an informed decision and that Aira could save you time and make convenient changes in your professional performance.

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