A Complete Guide On The Road Tax Refund Process

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Regional Transport Offices are located in every state and union territory of India and abide by the laws set up by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. RTOs are accountable for issuing the driving licence, registering the new vehicles and for carrying out several other vehicle-related services related to DL and RC. Besides this, RTO Offices in India also have the responsibility to collect road tax from vehicle owners. The road tax is paid once at the time of registration of the vehicle, however, many people have filed a complaint stating that they paid the road tax again while re-registering their vehicle in a new state. Well, as per the laws, a person can claim a road tax refund in such a case. If you have transferred your vehicle RC to some new state, then you can apply for a refund in previously registered state RTOs.

 For claiming the road tax refund, you must visit the former Regional Transport Office with all the necessary documents to complete the formalities. You can get more information about the same on state transport websites online. It must be noted that a road tax is only refundable if you have re-registered your vehicle in some new state. For instance, a person shifted from Maharashtra to Punjab and paid the road tax again at the time of re-registration of vehicle, then only he can claim a road tax refund from the former RTOs i.e. in Maharashtra. Another key point is that the application process for road tax refund is not available online, hence a person has to apply for the road tax refund through offline mode only. Besides this, if you even want to check road tax status, then also you have to visit the RTOs as no such facility is available online as of now.

 There are quite a few documents required when it comes to the road tax refund process. You need to carry the following documents with you to the RTO for applying for a road tax refund: 

     Copy of Old Registration Certificate

     Copy of New Registration Certificate

     Chassis number of the vehicle

     Copy of Insurance certificate of the vehicle

     PUC Certificate

     Photocopy of NOC (No Objection Certificate)

     Receipt of previously paid road tax

     New Receipt of paid Road tax

     Identity Proof

     Address proof

     Migration Proof

     Form 16 from RTO

     Bank account details

     A formal letter for refund request

 After the documents get verified at the concerned RTO, then the appropriate amount of money is returned to the applicant. A road tax is never 100% refundable and varies as per the duration of time for which a person has paid the tax. Apart from the re-registration cases, you can claim for a road tax refund if you paid more than the required amount. It is worth noting that only the vehicle owner can apply for the refund and his/her name should be the same on the old as well as new RC. Also, you should apply for the refund within 6 months from the transfer of RC to the new state.

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