9 Packaging Tips For Every Small Business

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If you are in a manufacturing business, then you must go through a headache called packaging. Today, packaging, whether plastic or otherwise, has a significant role in making or breaking a business. Small businesses especially need solid packaging to maintain their corporate image.

In this blog post, we are covering nine useful packaging tips that every business, including a body care products supplier, should take benefit from. So, without further ado, let’s dive in:

Don’t Forget to Dedicate a Defined Workplace

You might think your rug or carpet is the ideal place to start wrapping your orders. However, you may be wrong. Floors are generally uneven so would be yours too. As a result, that will create a nuisance when packing everything together. You will also realize that unless you are a flawless and clean person.

Similarly, there will be a package of goodies waiting to get trapped inside the customer’s package. The goodies ordered are things such as fluff, food bits, dust, and bodily hair!

Surely, anything will make its way into the order and it is avoided from the start. The last thing a customer wants is some belly button fluff hugged to their new gadget or package.

Offer your back a reprieve and locate a perfect, raised level and solid surface that will make packing a breeze. If you only pack up around 10 bundles for each day then the lounge area table should get the job done. However, anything else than this and you ought to think about putting resources into a sole-purpose work area.

Padded Envelopes

When we talk about customers, you need to make sure that their ordered items reach them in the manner they are meant to. It doesn’t mean you should wrap every item through all the plastic packaging you have as. This can be quite expensive and quick as well.

Some products you post remain ready to be slipped inside a padded envelope. These easy-to-carry envelopes are essentially simple envelopes along with a layer of bubble wrap. In many cases, if an item is flat, it will be protected perfectly and will be inexpensive than putting it in a bulky box alongside bubble wrap. This saves packaging costs, time, and also the order receiver doesn’t need to stay in as it can fit easily in their letterbox.

Pop or Bubble Wrapping

Every customer love that popping sound whenever we unpack something fragile. There’s a solid reason behind an expensive item wrapped in a bubble wrap. Bubble wrap works perfectly. It is cheap and does not add much to the packaging bulk. Also, pop packaging is offered by the post office and every good packaging retailer.

If it’s fragile or valuable then it’s worth investing in pop or bubble wrap.

Postage Costing

It is all confusing trying to calculate the costs of shipping a product with all the expenditures of packaging. Therefore, take five minutes out of your day and get familiar with the pricing chart. It has concise and clear measurements along with weights. So you won’t get any surprises when you come to pay for your parcel.

Typed Address vs. Written Address

Who doesn’t like to see a hand-written beautiful envelope lying on the front door; while the mate waiting to be opened? It is as romantic as it seems. However, the same can’t be said about a hand-written parcel. If you have the workforce to write, it will get boring soon and you eventually will need to turn to a typed address.

So, do invest in a thermal printer. Although it has the visible expensive side; however, you won’t need to pay for expensive ink as the address is heat-printed.

Whether it is Waterproof?

Water resistance is a factor every business including a skin care products supplier always keep in mind. Whether your package waterproof or not or at least splash resistant?

Due to the postal system’s nature, your parcel will find its way to where it is exposed to the elements. You need solid confidence that your package can survive minor splashes, unexpected downpours, and a drop on the floor too.

Not only the excess water will potentially harm your products inside but it may increase your parcel weight too and fall into the next price bracket. This would be quite unfortunate for you and thoroughly unprofessional in your customer’s eyes.

Simple precautions may reduce the risk of this happening. Try putting in plastic wrapping or buying some waterproof spray. Both can act as a useful water barrier.

Disguised Wrapping

People are not always as honest as you may think. Although honesty is always a fragile subject for people. However, you need to be cautious that your parcel has the chance to go missing. Often it is the ordered package that is clearly shaped or parcels that are not well disguised.

If you get extra padding and not crossing the price scale, it would be worth taking benefit of this and bulking out your packages. By extra padding, no one can guess what is inside the package apart from you and your recipient.

Customer Service is Basic

The client is right in every case. Although this isn’t the case every time. However, it’s ideal to intrigue them right from the word ‘go’. If it looks great and cost-effective too, then you could take a stab at composing a manually written message of ‘thank you’.

You may think this is an exercise in futility but it is demonstrated that things like this will stick in your client’s brain long after they have gotten their thing, conceivable changing over them into a recurrent client.

Always Keep Scales

Nearly everyone has some type of scale in their kitchen. However, you should measure the weight of parcels accurately. Also, always take advantage of scales as every time you need to calculate shipping prices.

Further, buy a weighing scale that is specifically designed for a manufacturer. These weighing scales often come with a tool such as a tube holder (if you’re sending rolled-up posters and drawings), and varying-sized trays, depending on what you’re packing.



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