8 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom To Improve Your Sleep

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Did you know that the way you decorate your bedroom can affect the quality of our sleep? And yes, there are some ways of arranging our bedroom that would help us sleep better.

What should you include, change and adapt in your bedroom for optimal sleep? Here are some layout suggestions that will make all the difference!

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1. Paint your room with soft colors

The shade doesn’t really matter, as long as it allows you to relax. Avoid bright colors that are too “aggressive” such as red, yellow and orange.

2. Try aromatherapy

The scent of lavender has enormous benefits for sleep. I recommend the essential oils from La Maison Lavande, a simply extraordinary Quebec perfume shop.

It smells like heaven and it’s good for your health. In addition, in a diffuser, it is a magnificent decorative accessory for your room!

3. Minimize the number of furniture

An overcrowded and messy bedroom will definitely not encourage peaceful sleep. To promote the quality of it, it is important that your decoration is uncluttered.

Start by eliminating unnecessary furniture; goodbye to unnecessary bookcases and shelves!

4. Make sure you have two light sources

Lighting in your bedroom is very important and even if you sleep in the dark, it does impact the quality of your sleep.

Choose 2 different light sources: one for your whole room (like a large open window) and another more subdued near your bed, on a bedside table for example.

5. Ban electronic devices

I’m sure many of you sleep with your portable device very close to you (me first!). Even worse for restful sleep: watch TV in the bedroom or turn on the computer just before going to sleep.

The less distracted you are by electronic devices, the better you will sleep.

6. Choose good pillows

It’s important to have the perfect pillows to sleep well. This is an essential aspect that should not be neglected, which will transform the quality of your sleep!

7. Prioritize dark and opaque curtains

Make sure you have curtains in a dark color so that the light does not get in. There are also opaque veils that you can put on your curtains to plunge the room into total darkness.

8. Change the arrangement of the furniture

Finally, if you’ve tried everything to improve your sleep and nothing works, I strongly advise you to move the furniture around.

Moreover, One should sleep with the head pointing north or east. And since you don’t always have a compass at home, you have to do several tests to finally find serenity!



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