8 Strategies for Identifying the Best Products for Amazon

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If you’re trying to find a fast, simple, and low-risk way of being a third-party Amazon vendor, then you have come to the ideal article. Amazon arbitrage is among the simplest methods to sell on Amazon. If you want to start selling retail arbitrage on Amazon, first you need to find products to sell and I have made it much simpler, with my best eight strategies for identifying the ideal merchandise for Amazon arbitrage.

What is Amazon Arbitrage?

Amazon arbitrage, know as Amazon retail arbitrage, is a merchandise sourcing strategy in which you get an item from a merchant then sell it at a greater cost on Amazon.

The main advantage of amazon arbitrage is profit, particularly if you wind up a deal like the one over. But, There Are Lots of other Advantages of selling through the retail arbitrage amazon version, such as:

  • Speedy path to sell – you do not have to Await design, production, or transport

  • Low startup costs – you purchase the product and market it on

  • Reduced advertising campaign – products by famous and recognized brands arrive with built-in client confidence and vulnerability.

Strategies for Finding the Ideal products for Amazon Retail Arbitrage

It seems too easy to be accurate, and in several respects, it’s. Finding the ideal merchandise for Amazon FBA retail arbitrage is significantly more than just simply finding a deal.


So, how can you make certain you determine the ideal merchandise for Amazon arbitrage?

1. Invest in Good Tools:

You would like to learn as much info as you can about your possible merchandise; consequently, you want the best amazon seller tools for your job.

2. Compare Prices

Item cost is the initial part of the advice that you would like to compare. Everything you’re trying to find is a product that you could purchase cheaper in the merchant compared to Amazon. Normally, this occurs every time a merchant has a reduction, clearance, or multi-buy provide on a product.


Ordinarily, a nice ROI is reached either by locating a heavily discounted thing or by purchasing smaller discounted goods in bulk.

3. Check for any Restrictions:

Next, it is crucial to verify that you are permitted to sell the thing on Amazon. There are two kinds of limitation on selling things on Amazon:

Outright prohibit

Some products are banned from Amazon or illegal for resale from the manufacturer.


Called Amazon restricted categories or gated things, some products need prior consent from Amazon before being marketed.

4. Suss out the Competition:

Odds are, somebody is currently selling this item on Amazon, therefore it is required to look at your competitors near the peak of the search outcome. The primary points you need to consider would be:


  • Cost — are they supplying the RRP, or have they paired exactly the price that you’ve discovered?

  • Shipping — do they all provide Amazon Prime 2-day deliveries?

  • Client testimonials — are they rated highly on client support and shipping times?

  • Amazon — can it be sold directly with Amazon?


Examine this information to assess you could conquer other vendors on cost and whatever else like customer support or transport. Never forget your possible competitors will lower their costs to suit yours, so constantly search for an extra USP.

5. Understand Customer Reviews

A competitor’s client reviews will even offer you more insight into the product’s capacity for future earnings, particularly if there are complaints or comments regarding quality. Make sure you pay attention to inspection dates this will explain to you how frequently the item sells and if interest has lately dipped.

6. Check Stock Levels:

Even if the contest is really strong, you might nonetheless have the ability to compete if their inventory levels are reduced and exercising. A fast hack for assessing a competitor’s inventory amounts would be to bring a product to your Amazon basket and boost the amount to 999 in the checkout. This should yield an error message telling you exactly how many things are abandoned in stock (if it will not be cautious to not hit purchase!)

7. Calculate storage and transport prices

If you are thinking about purchasing a deal product in bulk, then it is important to think about storage and transport also, particularly if calculating your ROI. If you do not now have the room to store products, you might wish to look at employing an outsourced fulfillment provider to take care of extra inventory.


Additionally, you mustn’t skimp on transport rates when buying through Amazon arbitrage. The principal motives that shoppers are eager to spend more for a product online than in-store are convenience and location. They live too far apart to get to the shop or they would rather shop on their couch. In any event, 2-day delivery remains crucial and may be accomplished via FBA or even Seller Fulfilled Prime.

8. Start Looking for a Protracted return window

Some retailers provide extended return dividers for clients signed up for their loyalty program or subscription strategy. If you are unsure about a product’s capacity to do, look at paying for an elongated return window which permits you to go back an item if it not market.

And that is the way you determine the proper merchandise for Amazon arbitrage. It may seem like a protracted procedure, but as soon as you get in the swing of things, then you can finish these steps in moments with your cellular telephone number.

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