7 Tips For A Nourished Skin

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Good skincare is not just about lathering moisturizing tubes and tubs; it is also about maintaining a healthy diet and fitness. Sun protection and hydration are essential remedies that pay off in the long run. However, preventing skin problems and delaying aging requires a combined and planned approach rather than external applications.     

The pandemic may have kept your salon visits on hold, but you can still pamper your skin by following some basics. Here are routine skincare and lifestyle changes to make your skin look bright and even.

  1. Choose Natural Skincare.

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Picking chemical-based skin products may be your shopping priority to fight wrinkles and clear up problem skin. However, few beauty products contain harmful ingredients that can dry out the skin and aggravate skin problems.

For a gentler approach to everyday skin troubles, pick cannabis-infused naturally sourced products. CBD beauty products such as cream, oil, serum have healing properties and hydrate dry skin. That’s why they are best for regular skincare and glow. Shop for the best CBD skincare from GetKush Online Store and similar online portals. Start slow and observe how your skin responds to hemp-sourced skincare before considering it for diet.     

  1. Get Adequate Sun Protection.

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Wearing sleeveless dresses in scorching summer may be your priority. However, sitting, walking, or lazing in the sun without sun protection can damage your skin with harmful UV rays and cause skin cancer. 


Apply a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen of 30+ SPA or more. Reapply it after every few hours, especially if you are sweating. If you live in hot weather, avoid stepping out in pre-noon to evening hours to prevent skin damage and pigmentation. Also, wear long-sleeved outfits covering your arms, full-length pants, and wide-brimmed hats for leisure travel to shield your body. You may consider sun-protective clothing to block UV rays.  

  1. Boost Your Vitamin Intake.


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Skincare is also what you put in your body. A healthy diet shows on your skin. Therefore, eating right and at the right time can bring out your glow. Vitamins are good for skin as they help you in getting new skin by stimulating collagen production. A 2012 research study showed that oral intake of vitamins C and E protect you from dark spots and UV damage.               

Include leafy green vegetables (kale and spinach), carrots and sweet potatoes, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), eggs and poultry, nuts and legumes, citrus fruits, fish, broccoli, blueberries to boost your body’s vitamin reserves. You can also take the help of vitamin supplements to support your inside health.       

  1. Pamper Your Skin Gently.

Daily cleansing your body can take a toll on your skin, bringing in dryness and itching. Excess soaping and sponges can deplete your skin’s natural oils and moisture by tampering with skin pH. Avoid intense and harsh soaps for their antibacterial properties. Pick moisturizing soaps for dry skin and tea tree oil-infused soaps to combat acne and oily skin.

Limit your bath time. Long showers and scalding water can remove your skin’s essential oils. Emphasize warm water for a skin-friendly bath. Towel-dry your after-bath skin gently for moisture to stay. Also, apply a gel or lotion to the area before shaving. Use a clean and sterilized razor and shave in the hair’s direction, not against it.  

  1. Moisturize Your Face Morning And Evening.

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Dry skin can happen because of genetic reasons, weather changes, and lifestyle habits. Regular moisturization is the best way to counter this. Moisturize twice daily to get the best results. Choose a soap-free cleanser to prevent moisture loss and skin irritation.

Use nature’s powerful remedies like aloe vera for your face care. Apply honey or milk-infused face packs every fortnight or as per your face needs to get complete face nourishment.

  1. Look For Stress-Tackling Ways.

High-stress levels affect not only your overall wellbeing but also your skin. It can cause skin breakouts like pimples and acne by aggravating oil production from sebaceous glands.

Find suitable options to reduce stress and think positively. Join an interactive club on social networking sites, or pursue cooking, gardening, pet care as a hobby to keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts. Pursue music, dance, meditation for relaxation and mental rejuvenation. 

  1. Stay Away From Smoking.

Smoking is not only harmful to your health but also to your skin. Premature wrinkles and skin pigmentation are common side effects of smoking. It also makes the skin look paler by decreasing blood flow to the vessels and fading the skin supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Ask your doctor for tips to help you quit smoking. Consider nicotine replacement therapy and deep-breathing exercises to minimize your smoking triggers. Join an online no-smoking program to help you pursue your quitting initiative more seriously.           

Final Thoughts


Apart from these remedies, spend time with nature to stimulate your internal glow. Any skincare regime may not get immediate results. Be patient. However, consult a dermatologist if you struggle with skin dullness or potential skin problems after following these steps. Look into your diet quality and water intake and do a patch test preferably before trying out new skin products.

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