7 Secret Tips for Using Gold/Silver Foiling In Custom Cosmetic Boxes

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The importance of custom cosmetic boxes for the cosmetic industry is huge. That is why businesses make them in creative ways. They come in versatile styles due to the demand of businesses. A wide variety of the products is easy to place inside them due to their protection abilities. It is due to the sturdy cardboard or corrugated sheet that businesses like to use for making them. Some brands use Kraft paper as well, but that is a rare case. Manufacturing them in a variety of shapes is easy due to the versatility of cardboard or corrugated sheet. Brands can use different graphical customizations on them. Altering their color scheme is possible. Firms can also use various types of artworks and images. Gold or silver foil lamination or stamping gives them a premium look. Some of them come with a die-cut window to present the item. You can get them in ready to assemble flat sheets as well.

It is an important thing to understand the importance of designing custom cosmetic boxes for cosmetic businesses. Gold or silver foiling on these packages is getting popular. But you are going to need some tips regarding this. So, we will give you 7 secret tips to use them creatively and cleverly.

1-  Use as an Artwork

It is not an easy thing to do, but you have to believe that it can give great results. Using metallic foiling is quite easy and versatile on cosmetic boxesIt is easy to use this one on a complete package or at some parts. Modern technology allows businesses in this matter. You can design special artwork that is going to look great on these packages. It is beneficial if the background color of the packages is dark. Because it will enhance the gold or silver color on it, then using the foil stamping technology, you can easily stamp the artwork as gold or silver foil on the package. That can give a royal look to your boxes. It is a piece of great advice for you to make them look premium. 

2-   Complete Lamination

Well, if you want your packages to be entirely premium, then this advice is for you. The cost of this foil is not huge. That allows the businesses to use it without any worry about a great increase in their packaging cost. That is the reason we are advising you to use this as an entire lamination on your packaging. This thing is going to give your box a luxurious glow and look due to the metallic shine on it. Presenting the premium value of the item is essential in the case of cosmetic products. That is the reason why this tip is here in our article.

3-   Inner Surprise 

Businesses can use different customizations when purchasing cosmetic boxes wholesale. You can easily surprise your customers by using these gold or silver sheets inside your packaging. We are not limiting it just to use inside. You can also use it outside, but inside, one can surprise your customers. Because many brands do not use this technique as it cost a bit more. If you are using a holder or some dividers inside, it is beneficial to use these sheets on them. In the case you are not using them, you can easily use this sheet for inside lamination. That can give your packaging more luxurious aesthetics. 

4-   A Combination Looks Alluring

Well, who does not like a combination that looks fascinating? Not many people, right? It is beneficial for you to ensure that there is a great amount of creativity you use in designing this one. Because it is quite special yet pretty difficult to get impressive results. So, you need to get the services of professional designers. We are talking about a combination of the silver and gold colors of these metallic sheets. Both of these colors are bright and light. A combination of artwork or the case of entire lamination can do the job. You can also choose one of them for the outer side and the other one for the inner side. These things are going to give the packaging a special look.

5-   Use as Text

There are many ways of using this foiling on cosmetic boxes USABut this one stands out as it is quite a unique thing to do. You can use this foil stamping for your entire text. But we do not recommend it as there are some minor details that businesses provide as well. So, we recommend using gold or silver metallic stamping on the text that you want to highlight. It can be your brand or product name. Using this technique on your slogan is also beneficial.

6-   Combine With Creative Finishing Techniques

Well, you can use many kinds of printing techniques on gold or silver metallic sheets. You should be creative with the artwork or any other thing that you want to print on them. For this purpose, businesses have to use special inks. Apart from that, there are some other finishing techniques that you can use. Embossing or debossing is one of the best techniques for this purpose. You can also use a matte or glossy sheet on the metallic sheet for some extra elegance. 

7-   Use of Rigid Cardboard

You have to pay attention to this important piece of advice. Because it has links with every other tip, we have given to you. You should use a rigid and high-class cardboard sheet for making cosmetic packaging boxes. Choosing a thicker or dense cardboard sheet is beneficial. Because the metallic foil you are going to should attach with the cardboard firmly. High-class cardboard can help in doing this. Moreover, foil stamping is also dependent on the quality of the cardboard sheet. So be careful while choosing it. 

In this modern age, many brands are looking for custom cosmetic boxes that have metallic foils on them. Gold or silver color is quite popular for this purpose. Businesses need some sort of guidelines for using these metallic sheets. For them, we have given some secret yet important tips that can help in getting better results with this foiling.

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