7 Reasons Why Start-ups Should Start Web App Development in 2021

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Web Apps are the tech solutions for a successful business in 2021. Although Mobile Apps are popular and growing, web apps help owners develop their business effortlessly and cost-effectively. Moreover, it allows you to achieve your business goals faster. 

It is a well-known fact that start-ups and SMBs find it hard to build their business in 2021 due to heavy competition. However, Web Apps are just the best solutions to invest your money and reap benefits gradually.

With the internet reaching all the corners of the world, app development is rising exponentially across the world. Web apps offer a lot of advantages to the business; communication with customers, collaboration with employees, secure & store data, and providing data and information to management.

Importance of Web Application 

The web is a program that allows you to log in via a web address in order to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the internet. Web apps are developed using web techs such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Furthermore, web apps can be accessed only through web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Brave. Below are a few points that prove the importance of web apps in the era.

  • Higher level of security

  • Improved efficiency

  • 24/7 accessibility

  • Scalable and customizable

  • Easy maintenance and support

7 Critical Reasons to Start Web App Development in 2021

Web app development in 2021 is essential. If you are a start-up or SMB owner, here are 7 reasons why you should start web app development in 2021.

1. Visibility

The biggest advantage of choosing web app development is the visibility it offers to the business. It allows people to discover your web solutions easily on the internet. Mobile apps at times reduce the visibility as they are included in the Play stores and App stores. However, web apps are available on the internet and you can get access to them easily.

Also, when your web apps are managed by a leading web app development company like Soft Suave, the business becomes effortless and pocket-friendly.

2. Affordability

Building web apps is more affordable than mobile apps. The reason that makes mobile apps costly are the native functionalities, custom coding for different screen sizes and devices. However, with web apps, all these factors can be eliminated and the web app developers can just build an app that works on a browser with specific business requirements.

In addition, mobile apps require interactive UI/UX to attract users and make them use the app. However, web apps do need to attract users, besides they are built for commercial purposes. 

3. Faster Time-to-market

One of the factors that influence start-ups and SMBs to move towards web apps is the faster time-to-market. Today, we live in a fast-paced world. Business owners want solutions that can change the shape of business quickly and efficiently. Thus web apps are the best solution.

The web app development technologies and frameworks make the job easier for the developers, thereby reducing the time-to-market. 

4. Easy to Update

Updating content, making corrections or fixing bugs is easier in web Apps. All you have to do is just fix the typo, push the changes live and your users will see the correct spelling in a couple of seconds. However, the process is longer in mobile apps. You have to fix the changes, send it to Google play console, test the versions and then finally submit your update for review which will take close to 2 days. 

Start-ups and SMBs make frequent updates. Thus mobile apps are not the right choice for them during the initial stages. 

5. Reliable Business Solution

Web apps are the most reliable solutions for start-ups and SMBs in this internet-ready era. The web development standards are increasing and so is the reliability. Moreover, as web apps are easily scalable, business owners get the opportunity to build future-proof Apps. 

High-performing apps is the most common gap in SMBs. However, web apps offer high performance and fill the gap for the start-up and SMB owners.

6. Competitive Edge

Web apps offer start-ups a competitive edge in the market. While bigger brands are growing exponentially, web apps give start-ups a chance to compete with them in the open market. Besides, it helps the business owners to retain their customers to their brand. 

Furthermore, as the internet allows web apps to be used in all devices, it offers a greater competitive edge over mobile apps. Moreover, you have to download and use mobile apps, whereas web apps can be used by just typing the web address on the browser.

7. Best for Customer Support

Customer support is essential for start-ups and SMBs to grow. Web apps are the best tools to initiate customer support. It enhances the experience and makes the customers feel satisfied with a spontaneous response as web apps are available 24/7.

Moreover, web apps serve as the first line of contact between customers and the business. Eventually, this increases customer loyalty and makes the business succeed. 

Wrapping Up

In a world where the internet is easily available, your business must comprise future-proof solutions. Web apps are the perfect solutions that future-proof any start-up or SMB. Moreover, if you get in touch with web app development companies like Soft Suave, your jobs get easier and cost-effective. 

Soft Suave offers exceptional web app development with the help of 200+ expert developers. They help SMBs and start-ups build custom web app solutions and achieve their business goals much faster. You can get a free quote and start your web app development if you have an app requirement document. 


Their success rate is impeccable amidst the huge competition in the development industry. Why are you waiting? Start today with Soft Suave.

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