7 Myths Related To Car Detailing- Ceramic Coating Near Me

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A car is a person’s biggest financial investment as well as his valuable possession. Whether it is new or second hand, who doesn’t want to keep a car in its finest condition? Unfortunately, that seems impossible due to the driving cars on the roads as well as the unavoidable repairs. You drive your car through mud, snow, rain, and whatnot. For this very reason, car detailing is important. Car detailing is basically the process of reconditioning the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Therefore, people look for the car detailers to hand over the job. You can easily acquire these services from both online and retail markets. For instance, a search result for ceramic coating near me will show you multiple options. One can find hundreds of them claiming to be ‘the best’.

Car detailing is meant to preserve your vehicle in the best possible condition. Moreover, it ensures the driver’s comfort as well as increases the car’s life. Further, you can get benefit from the detailing services when you are trying to sell your car. Due to these reasons, you need to timely get the professional detailing services from trusted detailers. However, if you are looking for the excellent car detailing services in Sydney, Shine Clinic Detailing should be your first choice. The team of professionals at Shine Clinic is committed to provide the top-notch car detailing services.

7 common myths regarding car detailing

Before going for car detailing, one must know about the myths and facts of car detailing. Some of the common myths about car detailing are:

1- Dishwashing soap for vehicle

One of the most commonly believed aspects of car detailing is the use of dishwashing soap for the cleaning. However, the reality is quite different as these are the harsh detergents. Use of dishwashing soap can make your car paint dull as it can damage the paint polymers.

2-Appearance is not everything

Another myth related to car detailing is that a shining car is not necessarily clean. A shining car may appear good to your eyes but it can still be unclean. 

3 Paint finishing after wax

Car waxing is a temporary way to protect your car against the weather condition. But car waxing and paint finishing do not serve the same purpose. Car waxing can last up to a few months depending upon the car usage.

4- Difficult seat stains require seat replacement

Car stains affect the overall appearance of your car. But you don’t need to get your seats replaced in case of interior car stain. There are countless cleaning tools and agents available in the market. Using the appropriate agent can wash off the stain without damaging your car seat.

5- Car washing and car detailing are the same things

It is another common myth that you don’t need to go for car detailing if you can get wash service at cheap rates. But there is a huge difference in car washing and car detailing. Car detailing is a thorough process which requires more time and effort. A thorough car detailing is way more than ordinary car washing as it ensures the protection of your car and is definitely worth the cost. 

6- Good cleaning clothes

T-shirts, towels and flannels are often considered as good car cleaning tools to wash and clean the car. No matter how clean and mild the cloth is, it can still cause damage to your car surface.

7- Car polishing and car waxing are the same

Another misconception related to car detailing is that car polishing and waxing are often considered the same. However, the major purpose behind both is quite different. Car waxing protects your paint by adding polymers and resins coating. On the other hand, the purpose behind car polishing to make the car surface more glossy. In other words, car waxing is important from the protection point of view while car polishing can enhance the overall appearance.

8- An air freshener can remove foul odour

Foul odour removal using air freshener is another common myth in car detailing. Car owners often experience the problem of foul odour. However, using an air freshener can temporarily mask the odour. For removing the bad odour, car detailers look for the potential cause. Then, they remove that debris via cleaning. 

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