7 disadvantages for having a weak logo design

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Logo design is a publisher of your brand in the market. It serves as an identification mark and a name tag for a product or a service in the market. Coherently, the image of your brand, in the form of a logo sustains in a consumers’ memory as long as the name of the brand itself.

A well-crafted and intelligently embedded logo design is a brief introducer of the product or service. One of the main aspects to design a logo is to imprint or stamp a symbol of recognition of a brand, company, and/or organization at a portion of the consumer’s imagination. The prominent the image of your well-designed logo, the best it will serve its function and purpose.

What about if the logo of the brand is dull and lame? Then it will not get you the desired outcomes to serve the purposes it was designed for. These attributes are discussed below:

7 disadvantages for having a weak logo design :

1) Obsolete design of a Logo

If a logo is getting bad reviews, one of the reasons behind could be its out-of-date pattern. If the colour theme and visualization of the logo design is old-fashioned it might impact the overall looks of a logo quite negatively. Change and diversity are in human nature that is why a human mind cannot stick to one thing for so long.

If the colouring theme and shades of a logo are numb and not so vibrant then the logo might be considered as an “Obsolete” version of itself. Your logo should draw the attention of consumer’s likeliness, not their disgust.

If your logo is like that, simply upgrade its version! Leave the old school theories of your grandpa’s era and jump into the future of innovation. Advancing up your logo design can bring you a great fortune if the design is done appropriately.

You can hire the services of experts who are well-experienced professionals in logo designing. They usually have the most advanced and effective tools to design a logo for you, which will be according to the requirements of up-to-date features of the design of a logo in the market.

2) Unnecessarily detail-oriented

You cannot include all the details of your products or services in a brief scale of your logo. Don’t make it too long so that if it has appeared on the small mediums, its appearance might look so weird. That is why it is recommended to remain as precise and to the point as possible.

To some extent like on the large billboards, banners, and posters it might look fine enough but on the small mediums like business cards, badges or emblems, and pens or other stationery items, etc., it will look overly done. You can use abbreviated terms or initial two or three letters of the name of your company, business, organization, or brands and put them as your logo title. If your logo is a large pictorial description make the image shorter by using the symbolic representation of the items in the pictorial image.

3) Insignificant symbolism

If your title does not signify your product or service, then it is completely losing its purpose and functionality. To remain connected or relevant to its title, a logo must be designed in a fashion that keeps it parallel to its actual definition. Irrelevant symbols must not be used in the design of your logo.

The pattern and formation of your logo have to be meaningful in a way that best describes your product or service. Your logo must not contradict the characteristics and the features of the product or service a company, business or organization is providing.

4) Fainted

The dullness of colour or its shade effects if not so bright then the logo will not be looking attractive enough to catch an eye of a consumer. If it is not, change its style, brightens it up, colourize it, and make its appearance vibrant looking. Faint shading and faded coloured textures will lose the effectiveness of the logo. Maybe you have tried to make it classical, but keep in mind the suitability of the logo’s colour and texture with the product.

5) Contradictory matter

Logos are supposed to fix the aura of your product, service, or brand. You must avoid the inclusion of the contradictory aspects and factors which might get reflected by the design of your logo.  The contradiction could be related to sensitive matters such as politics, religion and beliefs, ethical and moral values and ideologies, etc. Just stay focused on your branding targets.

6) General type

Simplicity doesn’t mean that your logo shouldn’t be indifferent. It means that uniqueness has its importance and simplicity has its own. Typical logos for instance a Burger shop will represent its logo including a burger in it. It is a very common and general idea.

But if I want to make a difference in terms of an impression then I can redesign it somewhat like: