7 Birthday Celebration Ideas For Husband

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It’s that time of the year again, it’s your dear hubby’s birthday. Yayaya! Like all the years, this year too you wish to make it extra special for him. However, you are out of new and fresh ideas. Don’t stress out because we have some amazing ideas for you. Read thoroughly and follow it carefully. 

  1. A Sweet Surprise: For a year, click candid photographs of your husband. One each photograph, write down the date, time, and something about the photograph. Stick the photographs in the room in a pattern or attach photographs with balloon strings. Blind fold him and assist him to the room. Open the blind fold and give him a sweet surprise. Later, you can get talking about the photographs and spend quality time with each other. 
  2. Leave Love Messages: Write love messages and birthday wishes for him on sticky notes. Try to make it a sequence of it or write messages corresponding to his age. Then, a week before or a month start sticking the notes here and there. Sometimes, in his closet, sometimes in his wallet, and other places. If you are creative, write something funny and arousing as well. Make sure he keeps it all safe with him. On his birthday, when he has collected all the notes, you can make it into a scrapbook and give it to him as a keepsake. 
  3. Give Customised Gifts: Ohh! Customised gifts for birthdays are quite in trend. Surprise your husband with a customised gift this year. You can get any gift for him customised with his name or picture. Some of the best options for customized gifts for husband are wallets, passport holders, luggage tags, perfume bottles, caricatures, tabletop accessories, watches, belts, accessories like bracelets, pendants. 
  4. Plan a Trip: You surely know what pleases your husband–mountains or beaches. Whether he is a romantic type or an adventurous soul. No one knows him better than you. So, for his birthday, plan a trip keeping in mind his preferences. You would need to tell him about it so he can take leaves, but keep the destination and everything else a surprise. When you reach the location, make sure on his birthday you plan something extraordinary like a cake delivery with champagne, an impromptu birthday wish surprise, balloons in the room, etc. etc. 
  5. Invite his Parents and Siblings: If his parents and siblings live far away in another city or country, for his birthday call them. On his birthday, request them to make a surprise visit to him along with gifts. Midnight knock at the door from them will surely leave him speechless, for good. Then, plan a small birthday party and have a nice family time. You can either go out to a restaurant or organize the party at home for him. 
  6. Pamper Him: His birthday is one of the best opportunities to pamper and love him to the core. Plan the whole day in his service. Treat him well in bed with breakfast and cuddles. Then, take him to the salon for easing of burden from his shoulders, then shopping and lastly a dinner at his favourite restaurant. Spend the whole day doing activities he likes or activities that will bring a smile on his face. 
  7. Make Love: Yes! It’s your husband’s birthday. The day when the outpour of love for him is greater than the regular days. Look for different and new ways to make love to him. It could be by selecting his clothes for the day with a note, or making him his favourite dish and feeding. You could also plan something intimate for him and spend time together. 

We are sure your husband’s birthday will be rocking this year! Good Luck! 

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