6 Salient Features of Medical Product Packaging Boxes

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Medical products are an important part of the healthcare industry. As a medical product manufacturer, it is important to consider the packaging of your products for sale. Packaging plays an integral role in marketing and sales and protects the product from damage during shipping or storage. There are many different types of medical product packaging that a company can use to package their products, but today we will be focusing on custom printed packaging boxes.

This post will discuss six salient features of custom printed packaging boxes that you should have on hand if you are looking for high-quality packaging solutions.

Salient Features of Medical Product Packaging

Medical product packaging necessarily contains several features that makes it suitable to pack medicines and pharmaceutical equipment. Those features are:

1)   These Boxes Ensure Durability

Custom printed packaging boxes are made with durable paperboard or corrugated materials, which gives medical product manufacturers the ability to make their products stand out on store shelves.

Medical products like medicines and machines are packed with extreme care and precision to ensure their safety and quality. Therefore, medical product manufacturers need a box that can withstand external pressures like moisture, sunlight, heat, or cold without damaging the contents inside.

These boxes are strong enough to protect against these elements, so your products arrive in perfect condition on store shelves!

2)   Boxes for Medical Product Packaging Come in Various Sizes and Styles

Medical product manufacturers use a large box to accommodate the contents inside without making it too big. These medical packaging boxes also come in various sizes and styles, so producers can find one that accommodates their product packaging needs perfectly.

One way that helps them is to use Custom Packaging boxes because they can order these boxes in their desired sizes and shapes depending upon their product needs. These sizes and shapes are decided according to the medicine size and the number of dozes packed in a box.

You will have seen that some medicines are packed like ten tablets in a box, some tables are packed with 30 tablets in a box and many more. The size also varies with these number of dozes.

The shape is dependent on the primary packaging shape. So, For example, if the company is packing pills in a glass bottle, the shape of the outer box will be according to the bottle shape, and the same goes for other medicine’s packaging requirements.

3)   No Extra Frills Are Added to These Boxes

The basic purpose of these packaging boxes is to increase the protection of the medicine, and they do not aim to attract customers because the medicine will be the last thing that someone will ever want willingly. So, no extra frills are added to these boxes, and they are printed simply and elegantly in order to suit the purpose.

You will have seen that product producers add extra frills like pictures and catchy slogans on the packaging boxes to attract the customers, while there will hardly found some slogan on the medicine box.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot add pictures to these boxes. For example, you can add pictures of the product ingredients on the boxes. Moreover, some medicines use flavors, and they put the picture to highlight the flavor. Usually, you will see fruits pictures on children’s medicines. So, keep it simple and elegant for your audience.

4)   They Are Designed to Meet Storage Requirements

These packaging boxes are also designed and printed to suit the storage requirements of hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and medical stores. They must be able to store several products without taking up too much space. This is why these custom medicine packaging boxes come in handy for medical shops because they can display various medicines at one time.

There are certain requirements for storing medicines and other educational products that are always mentioned on the packaging box. It helps the pharmacies and the clients store the medicines in an appropriate way to maintain their effectiveness. You will have seen the companies mention suitable temperatures for the store on the medicine boxes and caution to keep them away from the children, extreme temperatures, etc.

5)   They Contain All the Necessary Product Information

If you are looking for custom medicine packaging boxes, then there is no reason to worry. They have all the necessary information on it, like the manufacturer’s name and details of the product inside it. This way, if someone who doesn’t know anything about medical products finds themselves in a store or hospital dispensing counter, they’ll immediately see what they’re interested in without having to ask anyone else around them.

This is also important to meet the FDA requirements. If you’re a manufacturer, make sure that the packaging of your products is compliant with FDA regulations so as not to face penalties or legal consequences.

6)   They Are Suitable for Shipping

Medical product packaging is important to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products you manufacture. You need medical product boxes that are sturdy enough to stand up against rough handling. They should be tamper-evident so as not to give away any information about what’s inside them. They must meet FDA regulations, etcetera.

Medicines are shipped to every part of the world, which involves a lot of traveling; this transportation can cause damage to the medicines. So, companies always manufacture packaging boxes that provide extra support to the products during transportation.

Moreover, ensure product safety by adding air-tight seals to your packaging, so customers can get an actual product but not the tempered one.


After reading these features, you now will have a good idea about a perfect medicine box. If you are still confused and you need more information about designing these boxes, you can contact Impression Ville, as it is one of the leading packaging and printing companies in the market. Their experienced staff will guide you about these packaging boxes, and they will provide the perfect packaging solution for your medicines.

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