6 Qualities that LGV Drivers Should Have!

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The term LGV stands for Large Goods vehicles. These vehicles are known for transporting and delivering the goods between the suppliers and customers. The LGV vehicles mainly work from depots, distribution, and warehouses. It carries goods and then transports them to the other overseas.

The role of LGV Driver Training teaches you how to drive commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, which includes rigid trucks, heavy Lorries, transporters, etc. Apart from driving, its main duties include:

1: Planning the routes with the transport managers.

2: Delivering schedules.

3: Ensuring that the loads are safely secured.

4: Following all the traffic reports.

5: Changing routes if necessary.

6: Completing both delivery paperwork and logbooks.

7: Drivers also need to deal with basic maintenance like changing the tires, checking the brakes before and after the journey.

Here we have listed the top 6 qualities that LGV driver should have:

1: Responsibility:

Only a few people indeed carry a greater sense of responsibility rather than the others. When you are driving large heavy vehicles then you are the only person who is responsible for carrying thousands of merchandises.

You are not only responsible for the load that you are carrying but you need to keep a watch for your companions with whom you are sharing the road. Here the term responsible means that you need to pay attention to your safety as well as others on the road.

2: Organized:

While staying organized is a skill to every working field and this applies to the LGV drivers too. Those who are looking for an LGV driver’s licence must need to take care of various things. It has been seen that most of the drivers don’t consider being organized and it is a major characteristic i.e required in the LGV driving field.

However, every driver must need to be organized and this means that before starting driving the vehicle you should know what you are carrying. You must have all the paperwork with you. In short, we can say that a great driver should need to keep an eye on the organization.

3: Management skills:

Usually, stress is a condition that can influence anybody anywhere and this simply means that the LGV drivers also experience stressful situations. Their stress might be caused due to heavy traffic, dealing with different chauffeurs, and driving through difficult routes.

Some other drivers tend to be stressed when they have to invest a lot of time away from their home, meeting deadlines, etc. So, it is important to note that there are various stressful factors on the road. Thus, a driver is the one who identifies all the symptoms, the reasons causing the problem, and then work calmly on the situation.

4: Professionalism:

In any industry, professionalism matters a lot, and it a very important characteristic that is usually required to become a successful LGV driver. By professionalism, we mean that you need to follow all the road rules, regulations, and decorum. Apart from it, you need to show good road leadership, having a right-positive attitude and behavior.

An LGV driver should also understand the other drivers and it means that the driver should need to drive the vehicle professionally. Due to this way, a driver will take pride in his job and the way they are doing their work.

5: Knowledgeable:

Today, the world works with knowledge and the driver should have at least basic technical knowledge when they are driving on the road. Moreover, it enables the drivers to identify the technical faults in the vehicle easily. Also, at the same time, they can use their mechanical knowledge in order to track minor issues.

If you a little bit of mechanical knowledge then you will never suffer on the road. Having mechanical knowledge can make your ride easier and everything seems simpler and safer. Besides it, the driver will also avoid breakdowns. So, it is important that whenever you are ready to drive the large heavy vehicles then you should have appropriate knowledge of all the basic things.

6: Working on Deadlines:

While working on deadlines should show your determination in work and it is also important to deliver your work on the given deadline. Similar to the case of the driving field, when you drive large vehicles, you need to ensure that you complete your work on the given delivery dates and times.

One should know how to manage time and deliver the work on the given deadline. The driver should have the capacity to think forwardly and to plan out their work in the given time. It is also necessary to have a proper nap so that the next day you are ready to do your job. By taking the proper amount of sleep you can work calmly and your mind will also remain fresh.


To become an LGV driver you must have a valid LGV licence for that you need to require the following things:

1: First, you should be competent in English and then take the LGV theory test.

2: Be above 18.

3: Having good eyesight.

4: Passing a medical as the part of LGV test.

There are various ways to get your licence and if you are already working for a transport operator then you will be willing to train some other people. The LGV licence test is classified into two categories:

1: Category C1 licence allows you to drive rigid vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.

2: Category C allows to drive rigid vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

Conclusion:  Before becoming an LGV driver, you should need to go for training and should know what LGV training is is and what it requires? In order to get the LGV licence the employees must prove that they are above 18 years and have taken and passes their Driver CPC.

An LGV driver is the one who clears all the tests to acquire an LGV licence. To drive heavy good vehicles the driver should contain an LGV licence. Also, many driving training centers are available for drivers so that they can improve their knowledge and develop the basic skills in them.

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