6 Incredible Ways To Improve Your Organisation’s Network Security

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In this digital age, it is impossible to run any company without data or a computer network. A computer network is nothing but a series of interconnected computers or nodes that can share data and information. Without networking, you and your employees can’t share vital files and folders. With time computer networks have become more advanced; the communication speed has been increased, and you can share software and hardware resources over the internet. Not just that, the advanced network technology allows you to make voice calls via the internet and saves you a lot of bucks. However, the data security threats are also increasing with the growing technology, and it’s vital to take essential steps to protect your network from data thefts and hackers. 


With the invention of cloud technology, most companies have stopped storing their important data on hard drives and flash drives. All the vital files and information is stored on the virtual servers. In such a situation, it would be stupid to take network security lightly. There are myriad ways to elevate the cybersecurity of the company. The easiest one is to seek the help of a managed IT service provider in your area. The other ways that can improve the security of your business network are as follows -:


  • Deploy Firewall


Installing a firewall is the basic and essential step to increase the security of your organization’s network. It acts as a barrier between unethical hackers and the data networks of your company. To make firewall security more robust, you can install both inbound and outbound firewalls. The trustworthy firewall keeps an eye on malicious acts and blocks them instantly. Don’t forget to update your firewall at the specified intervals of time. 


  • Install VPN


VPN is a virtual private network. This technology allows you to send encrypted data over the internet and thereby protects it from eavesdroppers and cybercriminals. In simple words, VPN is a virtual tunnel with the help of which you and your employees can work remotely without worrying about data security threats. Another advantage of VPNs is that if any illegitimate user manages to reach the network somehow, they still cannot get information from it because of high degree encryption. In this way, extra security is provided to your company’s network. 


  • Keep Your Software Updated


Keeping windows, drivers, application software, and other software up to date is essential for network security. Software vulnerabilities can lead to various malware attacks and allow hackers to steal the confidential passcodes of your debit card, credit card, and social accounts. The periodic operating system, firmware, antivirus, and application software updates protect your company’s IT infrastructure from many malicious attacks.


  • Outsource Network Security

The emergence of the latest and more viral network threats has forced companies to think of more effective methods to strengthen network security. Apart from hiring an in-house IT network management team, it would be better to outsource network security from a third party vendor. The managed IT service provider manages your servers and networks remotely for a fixed monthly fee. By assigning your network and data security workloads to MSP, you can focus properly on your profits generating projects. 

  • Disable DHCP


Dynamic host configuration protocol is the network protocol that automatically assigns IP and other network configuration to the devices within the network area. Although DHCP speeds up the installation of TCP/IP networks, it still has many loopholes that give an opportunity to unlawful users to access the networks. Therefore, you should disable the router’s DHCP feature entirely.


  • Keep Backup


Apart from all the above safety measures, it is vital to keep the backup of all the confidential files and folders as an untoward event can happen at any time. To protect the data from fire, flood, or any other natural disaster, you should store it in offsite virtual servers.


The Bottom Line:


You can follow the above tips to increase your organization’s network security. They not only protect your IT infrastructure but will also help you in winning the trust of the customers.


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