5 Ways to Entertain Yourself on a Long-Haul Flight

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The last thing on your mind while planning that long-awaited vacation is the flight. Travelling to far-flung places, on the other hand, may need mid-to-long-haul flights. Staying engaged for up to six hours in a flight cabin may seem impossible, but with a little planning and ingenuity, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied. If you do that, your long flight will pass you by in a flash.

While a lot of people around the world found virtual travel as a cure for their wanderlust during the pandemic, they also liked how they didn’t have to endure hours of boredom just sitting in one place and having nothing to do – which is the situation if you take a long flight. Don’t take us wrong, people love to fly, but things can get monotonous just sitting in one place, right? Of course, the anticipation of arriving at your destination keeps you going, but you have to keep your mind engaged.

People spend almost a full day off the earth, in cruising altitude limbo, only to arrive with jet lag that much outweighs weariness, unless they’re on a virtual trip. Long-haul flights are an unnecessary evil for any serious traveller. So, unless your ultimate desire is to spend several hours in a small, enclosed area in a metal tube flying into the air, we think you would really want to know how to pass your time. Let’s jump right in!

1.     Read a Book

This is one of the most common activities you will see people doing on an airplane – regardless of the flight’s duration. You can carry books or a kindle or you can even read books on your mobile phone. With a good, gripping story in your hands, you will be off to a great start and you’ll never get to know where the time went!

2.     Watch a Movie or a Show

Another popular form of entertainment on long flights is watching movies. A lot of flights these days have small TV screens installed in the headrest of the seats in front of you. But if you’re on a flight that doesn’t have this facility, you can always watch a movie on your phone. With huge sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, people have a myriad of options to choose from. You can binge-watch a series or watch the movies you’ve been planning to but haven’t had time.

3.     Listen to Music or a Podcast

Music has been a stress buster and boredom killer from time immemorial and podcasts are an ideal alternative if you want to learn something new or be entertained without having to stare at a screen. So put those earphones in and feel the time fly past.

4.     Learn the Local Language

If you’re going to a place where the locals speak a language other than your own, it’s a good idea to learn a few words before you arrive, and what better time than on the plane? Learn basic phrases like “hello,” “thank you,” “how much does this cost?” and “goodbye” initially. This is especially useful when visiting places like Quebec, which has a strong multilingual culture. There are many mobile apps available that can help you in this regard.

5.     Chat with Your Neighbour

The power of meeting new people is one of the secret delights of flying that many people are unaware of. On a flight, you are sometimes surrounded by as many individuals from as many different walks of life for such a lengthy period of time. If you’re open to it, this may be a fantastic opportunity to meet interesting people. Your fellow passengers may share your viewpoint — after all, you are all travelling to the same location. So just introduce yourself to your neighbour!

There you go! These 5 activities are great for passing time on a long flight. However, the global scenario is such that you will have to forego the flight and travel virtually instead. This way, you can also enjoy the benefit of arriving at your desired destination with the click of a button, without having to endure long-haul flights.

Mobile apps like Proxgy have made it easier for travellers to take virtual tours around the world and be everywhere from the comfort of their homes. Proxgy uses smart helmets to provide users with immersive, in-depth travel experiences, mirroring the experience of physical travel.

This way, you can travel to places that you’ve only dreamed of and also make future plans to visit once things are back to normal.

Happy travels!

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