5 Ways Construction Management Platforms can Boost Project Productivity

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Construction projects, small or large, are typically resource-intensive and complex, and they can take months or even years to complete. Even the most seasoned project managers can struggle with handling large teams and multiple processes together while managing costs and timelines. Achieving optimal levels of productivity is another challenge that they need to address. However, it is something that they must absolutely ensure to deliver projects successfully.

Going the extra mile with productivity can keep costs under check, enable timely completion, reduce waste, lower rework rates, and cut the chances of disputes. Despite the immense benefits of productivity, the segment isn’t doing really well on this front. According to a McKinsey study, poor productivity in the construction vertical is currently leading to wastage of $1.6 trillion annually. The picture looks sad, but construction management platforms are a ray of hope for the industry.

Businesses that are willing and able to embrace these platforms are all set to boost their productivity levels and achieve success with their projects. But before you go ahead with the implementation of a construction project management platform, you will want to understand the potential productivity benefits it can deliver. Let us explain how it can be a worthwhile investment.


Significant time-savings

Time is money in this industry because you can face penalties for flouting the project deadlines. A construction management platform can bring significant time-savings for managers by automating tedious tasks such as document handling and employee scheduling. It even prevents loss of documents as they grow in number over time, thus saving time and preventing stress. When such cumbersome tasks are handled by a reliable software solution, managers can be more productive. They can derive the best productivity from labour as well. Moreover, they can invest time in critical tasks that move the project forward and assist in timely delivery.


Real-time collaboration

Good collaboration breeds productivity and prevents disputes as everyone is on the same page, no matter how large the team is. Even a small misunderstanding can cause people to wander around and waste time. However, construction management platforms prevent such issues and drive real-time communication and collaboration between the team members. Since these platforms offer mobile access, everyone can stay updated with the latest developments and changes, whether they are on-site or in the back office. As work stays on track, productivity remains high too.

Availability of historical data

A construction management platform also serves as a one-stop destination for the entire historical data on the project. It can be useful for big ones that last for years, and new members join the team from time to time. Since they have access to data, it gets easier to jump straight into work without wasting time and losing out on productivity. Moreover, the company can analyze project data to study the strengths and challenges and replicate the successful practices in its future projects as well.


In-depth overview of multiple projects

Large construction companies can derive immense benefits from these software platforms because they provide an in-depth overview of multiple projects. So project managers, stakeholders, and business owners have a bird’s eye view over the entire projects the company is working on, which wouldn’t be possible if they rely on legacy systems. The solution makes it possible to monitor each project individually in terms of costs, deadlines, and issues. It also takes care of the bigger picture, showing where your business is heading in terms of productivity, profitability, and ROIs.


Reliable reporting from the field

If you want to keep an eye on the team’s productivity, it is vital to stay on top of everything happening on-site. However, much often gets lost as the information travels from the field to the boardroom with manual reports. Moreover, preparing them manually is often an administrative burden and mental stress for managers, and they may end up losing track of things that really matter. With construction management platforms, every stakeholder can prepare productivity reports of their respective areas, and the manager can compile them in a few clicks on a mobile app. No information is lost, and there aren’t any errors, and everyone is happy too!


When it comes to maximizing construction productivity, going digital can be the right thing to do. Just choose a project management platform with the right features, and you are good to go.



Productivity is the winning point for construction projects, but it is also something businesses struggle with. However, implementing a project management software platform can put your productivity on track and drive success for projects and the business as a whole.


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The author is a software development expert who has created Zepth, an innovative construction management software. She is also a craftsman with words and loves sharing his knowledge through write-ups.

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