5 top features of Blue EHR software in 2021

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BlueEHR is a fully-featured Healthcare Software that can be used across various medical specialties, including ophthalmology and cardiology. Radiology, dentistry, and general practitioners. This online Health IT system offers EMR/EHR, treatment plans, self-service portal, appointment scheduling, and claims management functionalities in one place. It supports full customization to let users set up the solution in a way that works best for them, managing day-to-day tasks and reporting without having to do it manually. In addition to this, there are pre-built templates that cater to the workflows of different specialties.

This piece focuses on the key features of BlueEHR Software. We will discuss how these features can increase operational efficiency for your practice. So, let’s start without any further ado!

Top 5 BlueEHR Features

  1. Document Management 

The first BlueEHR Software feature that we want to talk about is the Document Management feature. It helps you to improve practice efficiency by taking care of time-consuming documentation tasks. You can significantly reduce the chance of errors and complete all tasks in one go. Not only this feature lets you save every document in one place, but you can also access them whenever you want.

  1. E-Prescribing

E-prescribing is another highly raved-about feature of this EHR platform. It accelerates the prescription process for patients and providers. Pharmacies can also access medication histories and get alerts for any drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions. 

  1. Patient Portal

The Patient Portal feature is very well designed. It allows you to have an overview of a patient’s medical history before beginning with the diagnosis and treatment. Patients can schedule their own appointments, decreasing the administrative burden significantly. According to BlueEHR Reviews, this HIPAA compliant feature also facilitates seamless communication between doctors and patients.

  1. Claims Management 

BlueEHR offers a robust claims management feature that takes the pain out of the process of claims acceptance. The software lets you focus on your patients rather than worrying about denied claims. It significantly reduces the number of errors by automating a large portion of the claim filing process.

  1. Lab Integration 

The Lab Integration feature is frequently mentioned in BlueEHR Reviews. It allows providers to access lab results directly in a patient’s chart before diagnosing the patient. This saves a lot of time and effort since it does not require you to contact the lab to ask for the reports to be sent to you.

Final Thoughts

BlueEHR offers comprehensive features to help you manage the daily clinical and administrative tasks of your practice. To better understand this EHR product, we recommend you book a BlueEHR Demo on Software Finder.


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