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5 Tips to Make Your Home Painting Stand Out

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Painting is a professional work that needs to be done right to look right. It takes a lot of skills, expertise, tools, and equipment to make sure you have done something worth keeping and showing to others. When we talk about painting a house, it is a whole new field with so many variations and things to keep in mind that it will make your head spin. You need all the supplies, set the time aside and then getting on the ladder and apply a clean coat of paint to rejuvenate the old walls. Home painting is an exciting thing but it should be left to professional painters, if possible.

In case you are bent on doing this on your own, here are some of the best practical tips that you should remember to make your home painting stand out from your neighborhood. This will surely help you spending your money in the right way to give a fresh look to your house while enhancing the curb appeal of your property at the same time.

Inspection & Preparation

Before we go through the points of inspection and preparation, make sure you pick the right weather for the paint job. During humid days, there is a lot of paint dripping and no drying. Still, if you need to paint on a humid day, best invest the long drying time in rectifying your errors before moving on to the next coat.

For the inspection, make amends and repairs where you find cracks and flakes. Sand the surface first with a sandpaper or soft sanding sponge. This is important because it will give adhesion to the new surface. Otherwise, you will waste your money because the new coat will come out because of the underlying coat.

The dirty spots with stains should be washed or rinsed to make sure there is not much between the coat of paint and the surface. This is helpful in new house painting work.

Go For Quality Tools

If you are not sparing any expense on the paint, it should not concern you to go a little bit high on buying the best quality paint brushes, rollers, and painter’s tapes. These will surely save you precious time on doing second takes on the coat of your new home painting project. Also, keep in mind that a professional grade painter’s tape is sure to seal out drips and blurs when they happen. So, do not skimp on this part and make your home painting a dream.

Protect What Is Not To Be Painted

This is the mistake that many first-timers do when they are preparing for the paint job. It is always crucial to save the things that are and cannot be painted from direct splurge of the paint or from stray droplets. From experienced professionals, you would not regret the time to apply a cover over the floor, furniture, and other articles in the space. To avoid slippage and ensure maximum protection, drop cloths are a handy thing. If you need to protect irregular things like door knobs and handles, you should use plastic sandwich bags with tapes to secure the lustrous finish of the metal.

Remove Outlet Covers

This is often overlooked by excited first-timers but it will save you a lot of time and sweat to remove them. It will take only a couple of minutes but the change will be huge in the end.


If you already have a clear surface to work on, it is fine to apply the paint. But you cannot find it elsewhere what applying a primer and then sanding can get you. There are paints that come with combination with a primer. Skip them and go for a separate can. Apply the primer and then sand and then apply a primer to make sure there is a thick layer between the surface and the immediate layer. This will add extra protection to the overall integrity of the paint job.

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