5 Things to Know About Praxis EMR Software

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What is an EMR? 

The term EMR stands for electronic medical records which as the name suggests is pretty much related to managing medical records related to your parents. But if you just go by that name, you wouldn’t know just exactly how advanced medical records have gotten these days. In this day and age, EMRs can do it all; from managing your patient schedules to taking care of the billing aspect of your medical practice, medical EMRs are a way to make things incredibly simple as you run your medical practice. In this piece, we will be specifically talking about Praxis EMR and the various features this software has in order to educate you on the merits of this particular software. We will be covering a wide variety of concerns related to Praxis EMR. From talking about Praxis EMR reviews to looking at Praxis EMR pricing and comparisons; we intend to do it all. 

5 Features of Praxis EMR


Charting is a very important process when it comes to a medical practice. Having a good charting system as well as good charts helps you become a good doctor. This is because, with charting you are recording your patients vital signs and other descriptors for their health which in turn help you make their diagnosis and treatment much smoother. With Praxis EMR you have the option of having an EMR which makes charting very simple. The charting feature in this software adapts to your style and needs. In fact, doctors in Praxis EMR reviews have reported that charting can take them as little as 45 seconds to complete because of how smart the software is and how quickly you can get through the process of charting because of it. 


A lot of doctors lament about having to look over billing when running their own medical practice. As a doctor, it can be very frustrating to have to do the billing yourself because of the fact that as a doctor you simply do not have the time or the expertise to ensure that you are doing a good job with billing. This is where Praxis EMR comes in. The software has a great billing feature which takes care of everything. A lot of Praxis EMR reviews talk about how this software is a great way for doctors to be able to relax and focus on their patients instead of having to worry about their billing. 

Patient Scheduling

Another big component of running a successful medical practice is of course ensuring that your patients are happy with what you are doing. Having satisfied patients is a marker for how well you run your practice. One way to ensure patient satisfaction is to make sure that you schedule your patients properly and do not have a lot of no-shows is with Praxis EMR. The software has a great patient scheduling feature which lets you make perfect schedules that have no issues within them. 

Cloud Based

Another great feature of this software is that it is deployed through a cloud based system so that it is housed on remote servers and not on one specific system or machine. This means you can virtually access this software from anywhere in the world at any given time without any issues. Having a software which is remotely accessible is incredibly important in this day and age since cloud systems are the future and honestly, the present as well. And Praxis EMR pricing is honestly worth this feature alone. 

Paperless Practice

Praxis EMR prides itself on having the ability to completely rid your medical practice of any reliance on any paper. The scanaway feature on this software ensures that you are able to scan everything in any kind of format; be it medical tests, paper charts or any kind of document; you can scan and keep it all in your repository present within the software. Having a digital record of everything related to your medical practice is honestly incredibly important.

Should you Invest in Praxis EMR?

So now that you have heard about the various features Praxis EMR has and how they can help you in managing your medical practice, you are probably wondering if you should take the plunge and invest in the software or not. Well, we cannot make that decision for you but can give you tips on how to make a sound one for yourself. The first thing you should do is ask the vendor for a Praxis EMR demo. This will help you have an idea of what the software is like without fully committing to it. Making a sound decision when it comes to your EMR is very important which is why you should also consider consulting with a professional who can give you better advice on which EMR would be perfect for your particular needs; be it Praxis EMR or otherwise.

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