5 Things Every Orthopedic EMR Should Have

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Orthopedic surgeons are devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Like every other medical practice, Orthopedics also requires a good EHR Software. Orthopedic practices have a difficult task when selecting an EHR given the wide scope of conditions they treat, and the high volume in which they treat patients. To find out the right Orthopedics EMR Software, it is essential to first know what an Orthopedics specific EMR Should have. After looking at the Orthopedics EMR reviews, we have brought you all the information you need regarding this. So let’s get into that

What are the five things every Orthopedics EMR should have?

To choose the right Orthopedics EHR software, you need to first look at what it offers. There are a number of things you need to look at. Looking at Orthopedics EMR reviews, we have gathered the things that are the most important for orthopedics EHR software. The top 5 things you need to look for in an Orthopedics EHR Software are flexible workflows and data entry, Fully Customizable EHR software, E-prescription of controlled substances, Comprehensive EHR training, and Intuitive design. Let’s get a little into detail and find out why these things are important for an orthopedics EHR software. 

Flexible Workflow and Data Entry

Every Orthopedics Practice needs might vary from practice to practice and every user has their own unique demand. Orthopedics can come under different kinds of practices. From orthopedics injury to physical therapy, all such things come under the orthopedics department. Such practices require very flexible software that can adapt to every kind of change. The data entry process needs to be simple and easily manageable. For every Orthopedics practice, flexibility is key so EHR software needs to be flexible. 

Fully Customizable EHR Software

One thing that every EHR software needs to have is the ability to allow its users to fully customize the software according to their preference. For Orthopedics, Customizable templates are a great plus. Customizable templates that address orthopedic issues and can be used as-is or adjusted on the fly for many procedures including trigger point injections, peripheral or selective nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and many others. Similarly, surgery templates also have complex and non-complex surgery details which can help users with a lot of things. Voice Recognition is also very important because it makes everything so easy and efficient. 


Cloud Access and E prescriptions of controlled substances

One thing that is very important for an Orthopedics EHR software to have is that it needs to be cloud-based which means the documents, patient history, or patient information can be accessed at any time any day. This helps the doctor manage multiple things even if he’s not at work or if he is away. This can help majorly in improving clinical efficiency and productivity.


Moreover, every practice requires drugs and medicines. In orthopedics, for chronic and acute pains drugs are prescribed to her patients to help treat their condition fast. Many clinics prescribe pain killers that are often the target of patients seeking painkillers to feed an addiction or to divert for sale on the streets. Therefore orthopedics needs to keep a check on the patient and his history to identify any situation of excessive painkiller consumption or substance abuse. An electronic prescription is the best way for an orthopedist to monitor his patient’s case. Electronic prescription, for this reason, is very important for an orthopedist for safely prescribing controlled substances. 

Comprehensive EHR training

Comprehensive EHR training is very important for every medical practice let alone Orthopedics. If you want to fully utilize the benefits of EHR software, training is a must for that. Users need to understand how to use the features, how and where to save a document, and find the information they will need. Nobody wants to get frustrated with using the software so getting the right training is extremely important. Comprehensive EHR training will mean the staff will be able to navigate the system and utilize the benefits fully. 

Intuitive design

EHR software is supposed to reduce the number of clicks. If you look at orthopedics, the practice has a higher patient volume than most of the practices. An Orthopedics EHR software needs to be designed in a way that its features need to make the workflow more efficient and productive. Its design needs to be intuitive as that reduces the number of clicks and streamlines the whole system. For orthopedists, it’s very important for the practice to have software that’s intuitive to maintain the quality of care and further improve it. To find out more about orthopedics EMR software, you can visit Software Finder.


After looking deeply into the Orthopedics EMR reviews, we have gathered these top 5 things every orthopedist requires. To improve the clinical efficiency and the productivity of orthopedic medical practice, these 5 things are extremely important for EHR software.

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