5 Signs That You Have Vitamin Deficiency

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Avitaminosis is a condition familiar to many people. Some people just don’t know that these or those signs indicate that the body lacks vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is worth sounding the alarm if the following signs began to appear. So, it’s better to visit a professional health center like Premier health center to avoid any possible issues with vitamin deficiency.

Here are some of the issues that arise with the deficiency:

1. The skin is peeling

Often the skin begins to peel off in the spring season. It is at this time that the body experiences the most acute need for vitamins. This is evidenced by peeling and increased dryness of the skin. Most often, this indicates a lack of vitamins of group B. Therefore, it is worth drinking a vitamin-mineral complex in the spring. It will help fill the lack of all the substances the body needs, without which it cannot fully function.

In addition to peeling, cracks or even sores on the skin often appear. This indicates a lack of iron. You need to revise your diet and add iron-rich foods to it.

2. Limb numbness and cramps

If numbness is not due to the fact that a person is in one position for a long time, then this is due to a lack of vitamins. In particular, the body needs calcium and potassium. If cramps begin to occur frequently, then you need to drink magnesium.

3. Dry hair and brittle nails

Dry hair and brittle nails try to tell a person that he needs to take vitamins of group H and group B. So, in the daily diet it is worth including nuts, in particular almonds. Eggs and whole grains are also a source of these vitamins.

4. Constant fatigue and pale skin

If a person feels constant fatigue, he has no desire to do anything, then most likely the body does not have enough vitamin B12. Another sign of a lack of this vitamin is pale skin. Therefore, it is worth paying attention if others began to wonder why a person looks so pale. This is a reason to include liver, salmon, and sardines in the diet. If you feel fatigued all the time, better visit a good institute for necessary checks like Sarcardiology for better treatment.

5. Increased tearfulness and decreased vision at dusk

If these signs are present, then this indicates a serious lack of many vitamins in the body. In this case, you need to consult a doctor and start taking the necessary vitamins and minerals in a timely manner. It may not be possible to get by with one course. 


The body itself suggests what it needs. Therefore, these signs cannot be neglected. If there is even one symptom, it is necessary to immediately compensate for the lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Only with full balance is good health and well-being possible.

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