5 Rewarding Tips for Improving Essay Writing Skills

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Writing a flawlessly referenced essay is undoubtedly no child’s play. There are too many areas to acknowledge and aspects to meet to achieve perfection in the paper. From presenting the right introductory hook to coming up with well-referenced, three-fold body paragraphs and concluding the piece with key takeaways, there are multiple challenges to overcome. So, unless you are not able to hone the skills of essay writing in a way it is supposed to be, you will not be able to score the coveted grade down the road.

If you are eager to know how to present your essay writers online Australia in a better way, take some time to read this blog and learn how to come up with better pieces.

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1. Focus on the aspect of topic development

Most of us are focused on the aspect of selecting the right essay topic. But, only a few of us are ever able to lay focus on the aspect of topic development, which is way more important than merely picking an essay topic.

Take note of these suggestions to go about the process of essay topic development seamlessly.

® Be careful while choosing the essay topic in the first place.

® It shouldn’t be unnecessarily controversial or narrow.

® If the essay topic appears to be repetitive, try to develop newer slants to avoid the clutches of monotonous write-up.

® Also, you need to develop each essay topic from the aspect of analysis and academic research.

® Once you are done developing the research avenue for your essay topic, try to analyse the scopes of references that can be drawn in the body paragraphs.

® Lastly, make sure that the essay topic has been developed based on a proper outline and the format, which is to be followed while presenting the final draft.


2. Write each essay based on the genre

Each essay genre needs to be drafted as per their formats. You cannot expect to introduce a blunt point of argument for a paper that needs to be prepared in an expository style. It will only bring down the quality of your essay, thus bringing a negative impact on your mark sheet.

For instance, if you are asked to draft an argumentative essay, the topic or the entire write up should be based on strong arguments and well-backed claims.

Quite similarly, for a cause-and-effect essay, you need to highlight the cause or contributing factors behind the emergence of a particular phenomenon or event. Thus, the idea is to frame your write-up as per the essay genre and its key elemental essentialities.

3. Start with the body paragraphs

This might sound somewhat weird, but the trick works great. If you start with the body paragraphs first, you will be able to present the central point of discussion in a way it should be put forth. Here are some on how you can go about this section without any hiccups.

® Jot down all the essential points and referential elements in the three-fold body paragraphs.

® Introduce each idea and perspectives in each of the three paragraphs. Do not repeat the same idea of point of reference twice.

® Also, make sure that the references drawn in each of the paragraphs are not similar to each other.

® Cross-check the primary sources of each reference and verify whether the claims made by you are valid and rationally acceptable.


4. Now, move on to the introductory note

Once you are done framing the body paragraphs, you can easily move on to the introductory note and come up with the perfect hook. When you have already jotted down the main context of the discussion, introducing the same topic clearly and concisely will naturally get easier.

This would otherwise take you more time to think of how to initiate the essay and the points you would introduce. On the other hand, if you already talk about the primary points of discussion in the piece, they would be no confusion on your part in terms of deciding on the right away to begin your essay.

5. Conclude the essay on a compelling note

Lastly, you got to be careful and constructive in your approach while concluding the essay. Many a time, students rush through the concluding note. As a result, they fail to justify the endnote of the essay by drawing the perfect correlation between the thesis/introduction and body paragraphs.

On that note, here are a few suggestions that would allow you to conclude essays in a way they are supposed to be.

® Restate the thesis by summarising the same points differently.

® Review your supporting ideas and summarise all primary points of argument accordingly.

® Add key takeaways and suggest alternative research ideas to your readers.

® Also, add a couple of thought-provoking questions for your readers to think over.

Parting Thoughts 

Now that you know how to improve your essay, refer to each of the points as mentioned above, embrace the best practices and never fail to impress your professor. In case you still find the task of essay writing tricky, feel free to seek digitized assistance and read through informative samples and blogs to develop further insights and ideas.

After all, writing an essay isn’t rocket science if you are aware of the tricks of the trade.

Author Bio: Jeremy Jackson is an experienced academic writer, associated with the digital platform MyAssignmenthelp.com. He is dedicated to providing online Law case study examples. Besides, Jeremy is an academic counsellor and NGO activist, coming from Birmingham, the United Kingdom.


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