5 Handy Tips on tyre maintenance

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Tyres must be maintained in pristine condition to maximise the driving comfort and safety on the road. A properly kept tyre will ensure a firm grip on the surface and keep the vehicle stable on slippery surfaces. In terms of performance, the vehicle is dependent on the condition of the tyres to some extent.

If you pay proper attention to the tyre’s health, you can save a lot on the replacement and fuel cost. Also, your braking mechanism will function properly. Here is an article to give you five handy tips on tyre maintenance.

Take care of the driving process

The method and manner of driving a vehicle define the condition of the tyres largely. A brake uses a hydraulic mechanism to apply force on the tyre’s inner surface when speeding to stop the spin.

Similarly, an accelerator signals the engine to generate power and supply it to the tyres to start moving. However, a lot of time, people apply both of them simultaneously, and as a result, the tyre’s inner surface wears out way sooner than its average age.

Additionally, when climbing on the slopes, it is recommended to switch to the 4-wheel drive. A 4-wheel drive ensures that power from the engine is distributed equally to all the tyres. This way, the rear tyres will also rotate at the same rate as the front tyres and will not slide through the slope. Sliding wears out the tyres.

Mind the road

When driving on irregular and patchy roads, pay extra attention and avoid huge cracks and potholes. Driving over these irregularities hurt the tyres, and regularly driving on such roads will cause your tyre to wear out very soon.

The component that takes the maximum blow in this scenario is the sidewall. It is built to withstand extreme pressure and absorb jerk and shock off the surface. However, continuously driving on the rough roads will weaken it, and cracks will begin to appear.

Similarly, when speeding over the potholes, the sidewalls weaken, and small bulges appear. These bulges inhibit the tyre’s ability to withstand pressure, and it may cause the tyre to burst out when speeding. Therefore, to avoid these damages, it is recommended that you drive slowly and carefully on poor roads.

Get your tyres rotated

Tyre rotation means switching the position of all the tyres once in a while. Usually, the front two seats are occupied when on the road, which exerts extra pressure on the front tyres. This added load causes the tyre to wear out sooner than other tyres, so it is important to switch their positions.

This process divides the burden among all the tyres so that you can save a few bucks on the replacement cost.

Balancing and Alignment is crucial

These two are the garage processes which ensures your tyres are in pristine form. Wheel balancing ensures that the vehicle frame sits evenly on all the tyres and is not tilted to any side. Usually, when the vehicle has travelled a long distance, the weight of the frame imbalances, and as a result, one or two tyres experience extra burden, this can cause them to wear out.

Similarly, Wheel Alignment Nuneaton ensures that all the tyres of a vehicle move in proper coordination. After the tyres have covered large distances, they tend to get loose on the axle; thus, the car tends to move sideways, and the steering gets difficult. Sideways movement causes the tyres to burn out due to lateral force.

Maintain recommended pressure

Before you hit the road, make sure that all the tyres have recommended air pressure maintained. The recommended air pressure is either given on the door on the driver’s side or in the owner’s manual.

If you plan to drive a long distance, inflate your tyres with nitrogen because it is relatively colder and stays intact for a long duration.

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