5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experience at Physical Stores

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With the online shopping wave taking lead, providing every small little thing available at online stores, it is genuinely difficult to beat the on store experience in terms of ease and convenience. In other words, online shopping has made everything accessible with just a click and the product gets delivered to your doorstep hassle-free. This has made it very difficult for on-ground retail stores to attract customers to the actual store. That’s where your customer experience comes to your help. Implementing simple hacks like store appearance, well-trained staff, personalized service, no waiting at check-out counters with a virtual queue management system goes a long way.

In the current scenario, the trump card to enhance and increase your store footfall is to create an impeccable customer experience. So here are 5 easy ways to improve the customer experience at physical stories:


Have a great staff


The one thing that makes in-store shopping different from online is the in-store staff. From time immemorial, the most interesting or like the aspect of in-store shopping is staff helping and ushering the buyers with the collection, being part of the selection process, and helping them to choose the best. This involves having a good in-store staff that is well versed with the product range, features, and price range. Secondly, the staff must be cordial, warm, patient, and respectful to the customers that walk in. The customer should feel special and privileged by the store staff. This is possible only when you have a good and well-trained staff. When we speak of good staff, it also includes their look. Taking workload off the staff and measuring their performance using a retail queue management system is one of the best ways.

Customers feel nice and welcoming when the staff is well dressed. When we speak of being well dressed it means, good formal wear with neat shoes. No wonder most of the stores have a uniform for their staff. This increases the brand image as well. 


Product placement

 There are two types of customers: 1. who knows what they want to buy, 2. Who knows that he/she wants to buy a product but is yet to decide what exactly of that product he/she wants. Irrespective of what type of customer walks into your store, the fact remains that product placement is the key to address both types of customers. Thus, structured product placement with clear demarcation of them based on their types or prices is suggested. For example, a saree store placing sarees based on the fabric and prices would make the customer easily reach out to the section that he/she plans to buy. Structured placement of products is a must. Irrespective of whether you have a staff to usher or whether it is a self shop store. Work on making your store look engaging and welcoming. Product placement also focuses on store aesthetics. Try adding elements and changing elements to create a refreshing shopping experience, every time a customer walks in. 


Don’t hard sell

 One common attitude in most of the stores is the staff persuading customers to buy. This at times can irk the customers. Look at online shopping portals. They offer all options, suggest the pros and cons of each based on the customers’ specifications, but ultimately leave the choice of buying to the customer. Follow the same at the store also. The attitude should be to usher the customer and not leading the customer. Therefore, when the customer walks, first understand whether they have any specifications or what are they looking for. Based on that information, usher them to all the possible options and then let the customer decided what he/she wants to pick.  


Use the digital tool


Yes, you are a physical store but you do have an online presence isn’t it??? Currently, if someone walks into a store means, the customer wants to get the feel of that physical shopping. Tap that emotion and celebrate that by making an online shoutout. In other words, thank your customers on your Twitter or Insta handle. By doing so, you not only make the customer feel special, but you also spread your brand visibility to that customer’s followers. The other side of this aspect is making your store easily visible in the search engine. In the current scenario, it is imperative that you have a digital presence. Be it to attract local customers to help customers navigate through the directions to your store, having a basic online presence is a must. 


Offer something more


Lastly, make the customer feel privileged. Amidst the comfort of online shopping, if someone has made an effort to come to your store, it genuinely means a lot. So, let the customer feel that by coming to the store he/she genuinely made a good decision. Offer something that customer may not have got if he/she did online shopping. This can be anything like giving an unexpected discount, freebie, coupon, etc. On the other hand, you can also make the customer feel special post-sale by sending birthday wishes or a surprise coupon. These things not only continue to keep your brand image but also increases the probability of the customer coming back to your store for shopping. 


The above being the key and simple tricks to increase in-store customer experience, there are many ways that you can adopt to achieve the same. What ways you adopt would also depend on the products you offer in your store. For example: if you are into kids’ clothing, you can have some chocolates or toys as freebies because though it is the parents who shop, your customers are the kids who come along with the parents. If the kids are happy, the parents would love to come back. 



Whatever tricks and tips you adopt, remember that customer experience is an ongoing process that must evolve regularly. You cannot say, “These 5 things I have embraced,” and continue to just do that. Keep adopting new ways and surprise your customers. 

The mantra to achieve customer experience is to ensure that from the moment the customer enters to the moment he/she leaves and post that, the customer must feel that the decision of walking into your store, he/she took was right and worth it. 


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