5 Common Plumbing Problems and Solution

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The average residential leak wastes 9,400 gallons of water each year. Plumbing issues that go unchecked may be quite costly and might come back to bother you when you most need water. It’s a pain to turn on the shower and never receive hot water.

The trouble with plumbing problems is that they might go undiscovered for quite some time. When the situation reaches a critical stage, we are slapped with a massive cost. Never allow a plumbing problem to ruin your day; instead, plan ahead and avoid it. You may also feel the need to hire plattsplumbing.com.au services to solve a complicated plumbing issue.

The five most common plumbing issues and its solution are briefly discussed in this article.

Running Toilet

Problems such as a running toilet may waste a lot of water while also being inconvenient. When the flush fails to halt the flow of water into the bowl, the toilet will run. With a bit of understanding, minor flush toilet troubles may be resolved. The first step is to figure out which component is causing the issue. If you are unfamiliar with the system, you should get quick assistance from professional plumbing services.

  • Fixing a Running Toilet: 

Examine each component for the source of the issue. Check that the fill tube, a thin, flexible tube within the tank, is still connected and pointing toward the overflow tube. To ensure that the fill valve closes appropriately, adjust the float. Check the length of the chain connecting to the flapper and make sure it isn’t knotted.

If essential modifications don’t work, the entire internal tank may need to be replaced. Toilet repair kits are commonly available at hardware stores and suit conventional models. For a reasonably simple installation, read the directions.

Clogged Drain

Obstruction occurs when a sticky or hard material goes through pipes or sinks. There are a variety of methods for clearing drains and sinks. A suitable chemical can be used to remove the slight impediment. Chemicals, on the other hand, are not necessarily safe. The best course of action is to contact plumbing services to have the problem securely resolved.

  • Fixing Clogged Drains or Toilets: 

To fix the blockage, start with a plunger. Plungers can be used on both toilets and drains. The essential plumbing equipment uses air pressure to remove obstructions. To produce suction, place the plunger’s open-end entirely over the drain and move it up and down. If you can get near enough to the obstruction, grasp it with tweezers or pliers and pull it out of the drain.

If you can’t clear the obstruction with such a plunger, chemical drain cleaners are a choice. In addition, plumbing tools may be purchased at the hardware stores to loosen obstructions and restore water flow.

Water Heater Issues

Problems with water heaters are typically easy to identify. For example, you go to take a lovely warm shower, only to be sprayed with ice-cold water. Other indicators of a problem include dripping water, discoloured water, and sounds emanating from the water heater unit. Although you may solve the problems yourself in certain situations, many water heater problems and repairs require expert assistance. It is due to their complexity and potential for hazard.

  • Fixing Water Heater Issues: 

If the water heater is gas, make sure to check the pilot light. The unit won’t create hot water if the pilot light isn’t lit. Check the thermostat to be sure it hasn’t been unintentionally turned down. Drain the water tank to clean out mineral deposits if you believe they are the problem. Call a plumber if you observe water gathering on the floor, as the tank is most likely leaking and will need to be replaced.

Leaky Pipes

Some plumbing concerns only become apparent after a thorough check. One of these issues is a leaking pipe. Leaks have the potential to cause irreversible damage. This is why experts advise that you have your home inspected regularly. In addition, it is unethical to solve a plumbing problem only temporarily. Instead, you can save time and money by having a fast and long-lasting repair or replacement.

  • Fixing Leaky Faucets and Pipes: 

In faucets, the problem is solved by changing the leaking washer. This is a do-it-yourself project. However, replacing the washer requires specialised tools, so you might want to hire a plumber. Leaking pipes can be an easy or a difficult task. Even if you only need to replace a basic U-joint, it’s occasionally easier to delegate the task to the residential plumbers to avoid a major disaster.

Low Water Pressure

Clogged pipes are often the source of low water pressure. First, check to see whether the water pressures in the faucets are low. If it is low on both the hot and cold sides, calcium accumulation in the aerator is most likely the cause. Therefore, low water pressure might indicate a more severe problem.

  • Fixing Low Water Pressure: 

Start with the aerators or showerheads where you have water pressure issues if you think build-up is the issue. To clean the faucet tap, unscrew the end. To loosen the build-up, soak the aerator in vinegar overnight. Put vinegar in a plastic bag if you can’t remove the aerator or showerhead.

Place the aerator or showerhead in the solution by tying the bag around the faucet. Other problems necessitate the assistance of a plumber to restore water pressure.

Plumbing issues can come in every form, from the relatively minor and inexpensive to major ones. As a result, many residential plumbers note it is crucial to choose a plumber or plumbing company that you can trust.

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