5 Common Makeup Mistakes that You Should Avoid

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Being a makeup enthusiast, I wonder why many women repeat the same makeup mistakes again and again. It’s not easy because you desperately want to help someone with some tips to look better. No doubt, you don’t want to hurt their feelings or look rude.

The fact is that makeup is an art that takes time and practice to achieve perfection. You have to consider the right approach, color, and product without blindly following beauty trends.

I have rounded up some of the weird makeup mistakes I observed and learned some tried and tested ways from a parlour near me. I hope these tips could help ladies like you, who want to look up-to-date and glam without overdoing it.

1.    Makeup Overkill

All you need is a focal point to apply makeup on your face. You could go for pop-up lips, smoky eyes, or contoured cheeks. Pick a facial area to highlight and focus most of your vivid makeup over there. Don’t be a vampire (with dark tones) or clown (with bright hues) by focusing on too many areas.

2.    Contour disasters

Poor contouring hurts! You don’t want to spoil your pretty face. Contouring takes several hours of practice. Just picking the right color is not the only catch here. You have to blend them properly, place them to the right effect, and ensure that your face has no lining. For example, you may want to highlight the jawline and hide your double chins. Get the basics right. Always remember that lighter colors highlight a feature and darker ones hide them. Blend the colors properly so no makeup traces will be left behind.

3.    Foundation woes

I see many women with foundation masks on. Foundation is not a face cream. It should be used to cover up flaws, like an eraser. Blend it well into your neck to cover something around the jawline. Blend all the traces of products using a brush, sponge, or fingers into your skin. Get the colors right. Before applying foundation, do a patch test.

4.    Applying too much mascara

Don’t apply too much mascara as if you hung small tarantulas off your eyelids. Of course, you want to add some volume, but don’t overdo it. Your eyes will look saggy, and your lashes bulky.  Use a lovely eyelash curler to curl the lashes to pop, break up clumps, and apply some mascara.

5.    Lippy teeth

I am not a dark lipstick hater, but wearing it all day and feeling lips dehydrated is really scary. If you lick your lips as they get drier, chances are you might end up with redness on your teeth. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your teeth as if they are straight from a horror movie and talking to someone without fixing them. Obviously, nobody will tell you unless she is your best friend or a closed one.

Before you transfer lippy to the teeth, expand your lips and wipe it off from the inside of your lips using your finger.

Bottom Line

As discussed, makeup is an art. The more you practice, the more you learn and excel. Try something new and play with your makeup to see it for yourself. If your makeup looks too odd, remove and try something else. For more tips, you may visit the parlor nearby and ask the experts.

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