5 Brands on Instagram Who Are Slaying Online Video Shopping

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E-commerce has progressed over time, moving on to larger and greater items, such as social media, which has given the term new life. The way we used to think of e-commerce has changed.

Since the whole planet is now on social media, it has become the simplest medium for advertisers to reach their potential audiences on a global scale, and with the addition of online video shopping, it has become much easier. Brands have adapted very new and creative ways to communicate with their target audience as a result of sites like Facebook and Instagram taking this trend to the forefront.

Instagram is definitely deserving of a mention when it comes to video shopping platforms. This photo-sharing app has been a favourite of a billion people, and brands – whether it’s a well-known one or a recent entrant – are using it to make their presence felt. A company has its own distinct content. They’re doing everything to woo their clients, from funny comedy to heartfelt emotional material.

Instagram marketing offers a rare opportunity to creatively reflect the brand, celebrate its personality, and hold it top-of-mind for all those people who swipe through their Instagram feeds every day, at a time when visual advertising is a critical part of every business’s marketing campaign.

There are several companies out there – in every industry and with every kind of target consumer – who are performing extremely well on Instagram, despite the fact that they are rare and far between. We’ve compiled a list of 5 such labels that have also influenced small businesses. Let’s take a look!

1.     Lego


Lego has a large Instagram following, with over 3.8 million followers. You’re losing out on some seriously fun material that isn’t just product plugs for kids if you’re not following Lego. The Instagram account of the well-known plastic building block company is brimming with amusing takes on pop culture comparisons, which many people enjoy.


2.     Vans


Vans is renowned for its fashionable sneakers, but the brand’s use of social media is equally fashionable. It has an Instagram corporate page, too. The iconic chequered slip-on maker’s account has a rather flamboyant feed. It includes both static product shots and action shots of people voicing themselves in their favourite Vans clothing. The amount of skateboarding material on the account is perhaps its most distinguishing feature. The company no longer caters solely to adolescent skaters but instead displays a strong commitment to the lifestyle in a fun manner.


3.     Shiseido


Shiseido’s goal is to “inspire a life of beauty and culture,” which they do so admirably through their Instagram feed. They post three photos at a time, arranged in a row on their wider feed – a very creative and exclusive way to view content.


4.     Sephora


Sephora Collections has a playful, vibrant, and feminine brand style, and it does an excellent job of capturing that personality in its Instagram material. The use of vivid colours, shapes, and humorous captions is extremely appealing. This branded Sephora account also adds a lot of enjoyable video material to its stream, all of which has the same funky vibes.


5.     IKEA


This Swedish furniture company’s Instagram account showcases pieces, instructs users on how to install them, and encourages fans to shop IKEA’s images, indicating where they can purchase the items they want. Furthermore, the link in their Instagram bio takes you to a landing page with all of their Instagram images, each of which links to a product page on their website. It helps the company to simplify the purchasing process by allowing viewers to see where they can purchase the product seen in the images. Marketing 101, people!

With too many people and advertisers slaying the content game on Instagram, standing out from the crowd with your content is extremely difficult. However, nothing is impossible for those who are imaginative and willing to do new things in order to succeed in the future. With Instagram’s new online video shopping tool, you can be much more innovative with your videos and attract a larger audience.

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